Time compression display

I’m flying the Just Flight turbo arrow and occasionally I need to use time compression due to time constraints. I know there’s really no graphic to know where you are with time compression, but I noticed that the g100 version of the cockpit doesn’t even have a clock.

Any mods out there that show time compression? I searched for this and don’t even see this as a wish list item.

Are you referring to sim rate?

There is this in the wishlist:

There are other wishes related to sim rate as well:
Search results for ‘sim rate #self-service:wishlist’ - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Shift+Z Stats on Flightsim.to


Perfect thanks!

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330 votes you would think they could do this by now. Probably take 5 minutes to code???

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There should be some native support to show time compression in the sim. I use it all the time, and currently have to use the shift+z mod to be able to do so.

There a few things that would probably take 5 minutes to code.