Time & Distance in the FMCU doesn't seem right

I created an ILS flight plan (from the world map, on Xbox) from Faro (LPFR) to Stuttgart (EDDS). During the flight I noticed that the time for the individual waypoints as well as the arrival time shown in the FPLAN-page of the FMCU didn’t match the expected ones. According to the display they are supposed to be given in UTC. Also the distance to the destination was completely off. Anybody else noticed this?

Try the same flight using SimBrief and Navigraph to see if the timings are off as well.

Using the proper planning tools I haven’t noticed the circumstances you describe.

Unfortunately I’m on XBox, so no work around. I’ll post some screenshots asap.


While looking at the screenshot: could the messed up time come from having active pause used in between? Could be a reason but the SW should keep track of interruptions and keep time (and date) consistent.
This does not explain the messed up distance though (58 NM(?) are shown but it should be more like 500 NM at this point) :thinking:

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