Time for a lawsuit

I thought long before creating this topic. Decided to create it anyway… I feel like most very cheated, decived, and lied too by both the actions of Asobo and Microsoft have taken… No doubt there’s been a clear intention from both companies once the announcement of xbox release. To reduce graphics clarity in order to lower performance for Xbox compatibility. Where does the line need to be drawn with big companies treating us the consumers like ■■■■. Meaning game sales to pc has topped out, let’s cull the graphics cause we being Asobo and Microsoft are so greedy for corporate profits. We will not spend an additional cent on any extra resources into two versions. Though we’ll allow the PC users to spend their hard earned money on hardware upgrades 3rd party payware joysticks, throttle quadrants. All for a product which quite frankly looks like dog ■■■■ FSX now… While the board of directors laugh at our expense enjoying their big fat bonuses for Xbox sales…


My advice is to uninstall the SIM and move on. If this is how you feel. Talk of lawsuits is just pathetic to be honest. If you don’t like something, don’t use it


Some of us paid good money, not just gamepass. This is not the product I purchased last year. Next!


I will remind everyone about the Code of Conduct and constructive posts.

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