Time for and old fellow to find another hobby

ORBX and similar can work wonders for XP11, but that is literally thousands of $$ in scenery mods for something that MSFS/Asobo included in their base sim prior to SU5.

It’s always good that we have multiple options. I am glad that the people at LR did not throw the towel in the ring. I am curious where they will stand in another year. Thanks for posting. Had not seen this one yet.

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@aaphebus I am sure its reproducable, i have a similar issue thoguh in the world map, if i go into and zoom in instant CTD. Consistant and every time. Thast why I got the event logs (go to the system event viewer that is part of windows and save the error) so that someone may be able to intepret them.


Thanks, I will try this when back home. Honestly haven’t thought about event viewer yet but I’ll keep that in mind :+1:
Thanks for all the messages guys. At least it was nice to have support here from the community. My sim still doesn’t work but you guys gave me the opportunity to take a step back for a moment.

Next step, I will at least fill a ticket like it was suggested, and wait, still following the news and maybe try again later. Maybe things will go better. :+1: :pray:


Hi. Sorry to hear about your problems. One quick thing you could try: I was running an older driver, and had no problems with this update… until I changed to the latest one. Suddenly I was getting CTDs and being unable to load in to airports. When I reverted back, these problems stopped.
I’m not saying this will work for you (or anyone else), but you said you have the latest driver installed. Maybe go back to one that you know worked and see. Worth a try?

In any case, hope the problems some people are having get sorted out soon, and that you are back flying before long. Good luck!

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I feel almost the same as the OP. Been around since FS4 and I do like MSFS but these updates that brake add-ons really get on my nerves. On the positive side, the performance (with empty Community-folder) is now amazing.

What to do? I will have more time for golf, and will be back for simming in a month or two. Maybe the add-ons I use will be updated by then.

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Thanks for the tip. Why not after all. I will try that, already seen this situation before, so maybe worth a try :+1:

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I wonder what causes the CTDs. I bought the sim at release and I’ve had 1 CTD around September last year. That’s it. Zero with the new update.

I don’t install rubbish on my PC, don’t hack MSFS config files, have very few addons - FBW A320 only and never have any problems.

People say that Asobo are not testing properly but I suspect most people, including Asobo are not seeing these issues. People only post if they have a problem. Hardly anyone posts just to say its okay therefore giving the impression this is affecting everyone.


Great advice !
Perhaps those of us who are a liitle taken aback by some of the negative aspects of this Ground Breaking Up Date need to let the ‘Dust’ settle and find something else to take our minds off these hopefuly soon to be resolved issues.
There’s nothing quite like returning to a problem with a ‘Fresh Eye’ which is most likely what the talented people at Asobo are doing right now.
Please don’t despair and give up aaphebus.
Thanks for your Post Senseil.
This was like a breath of fresh air and most certainly what we all need to put everthing back into perpective. Kind Regards to All from us.


I think this thread symbolizies why I haven’t taken the plunge and got a PC to play this game. When it turns into a chore rather than a relaxing and enjoyable time you should definitely move on, and unfortunately the nature of PC gaming certainly isn’t relaxing , at least to me . Granted some will find enjoyment in the constant updating of parts etc ( no doubt forming part of the hobby) but others like me and perhaps the OP just want to enjoy the game after all said and done.
My advice is to take a step back for a few days or weeks, let the dust settle and see what’s what. Perhaps even consider the console for a more relaxing experience


For what it’s worth, I’m a long time flight simmer. i started in 1985 with one of the first Bruce Artwick creations, moved to Simlogic and then through various versions of MSFS up to FSX. I’ll admit, I can not remember a time with any of those titles where users were effectively “locked out” of the sim. Windows Vista did try my patience with FSX but I managed to hang on in there. I guess there has to be a first time for everything. So far, ever since MSFS launched back in August 2020 I’ve managed to avoid serious difficulty. To be honest, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience, especially as each new mod becomes available to enhance my simming pleasure. However, call me cowardly or call me wise, I have always hesitated to update my MSFS until I’ve read all the forums and picked up as many tips as possible before I took the plunge. That’s what I am doing right now. I’m sure SU5 problems will be sorted out over time and we’ll all return to a stable version of the sim in due course. I’m a 77 year old so I guess I qualify as an “old fellow”. My advice to everyone would be, have patience, this too shall pass.


Hi Thanks for your kind reply too! I am a developer (not a MS or Asobo devleoper - to be clear i dont have any relationship to MSFS other than a fellow customer/gamer) and trust me us devs are proud of our work, we are also human, and can make mistakes. Software development can be a bit of an art, especially for something as complex as this. We do like to fix issues, its our own pride to do so, but we do need help. It can be disheartening when people just sayin this is rubbish, and other choice words, without exp[laing why, or posting on Sociual Media, anywhere but in a manner than can help us help them.


Give me back my beautiful SU4 graphic !!! @Asobo

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I read this forum every morning for 15 min than start my sim and fly usually 3 hrs every morning with no CTD . I fly vfr or ils with a variety of aircraft. I have air manager,pilot 2act , spadnext,fuics7, mobi flight and axisandohs and Rex weather running with navigraph ,pm750 plus mods and seasons .
I lock in 30 frames and fly fly fly ….
My system is 4 yrs old
32 ram
I have a combination of ultra and high setting
With 4 monitors 1080p
3 iPads with flightgo,air manager and simionic running too
Never once emptied my community folder for updates
Believe me when I tell u it’s your system at fault not Asbo or Microsoft
There doing a Great Job !!


Thanks for the kind words. :pray:
Many of you guys helped me a lot to consider things differently.

I will surely take a step back (after filling my ticket of course :wink: ) .
And quietly wait for another update. The sim worked so fine on my computer, no reason why it should not work again.
Too bad I just started a world tour with the DC6 few weeks ago. My nice bird will have to wait a little. Now she’s parked at St-Pierre-et-Miquelon waiting to fly the next leg.
I hope the virtual mecanos will take a good care of her during this time ;)…

Fly safe all


As I have said, the performance is good, but I never really had an issue with performance! What I would like to know aside from Performance what else has this update given us aside from a bunch of broken add-ons? IS there any improvement to the actual flying simulation? Is there anything ground breaking for add-on devs? Is the WT Flight planner code now in the sim?

Or are we just on par with the XBOX now? What else has been improved or was this just solely an update to merge up the code with XBOX and performance?

I have had zero CTD’s I never bother with the whole community folder thing, I think that’s garbage to be honest, how is that going to affect an update, nothing in there is being updated, and I have tons of add-ons. I have kept Live AI Traffic on too. I see no difference aside from better performance and broken Add-ons, if you get a CTD after the update loading a third party scenery or flying close to one then its obvious, and same with a plane, the whole empty the community folder is a non starter for me.

the DC6 has been updated no?

Yes, PDMG has pushed an update for this bird

make that two of us ole mate ,SU5 has stuffed me too , Ive tried every fix suggestion with no result ,unin/reinstalled everything ,Microsoft obviously dont give a stuff, got the $ then treat everone with contempt ,

Sad to read this. (OP)
I sincerely hope that you will come back to find this simulation improved after a few months.

Enjoying a hobby should not be painful.

That’s why some of us have been speaking up about Asobo’s lack of proper QA/QC Testing, and advocating for more rigorous beta programs:

Release what is ready, when it’s ready.
Not the other way around.

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