Time for and old fellow to find another hobby

it wont even load/boot to the asobo splash ,just black screen with a white border then ctd ,havent had an issue in 12 mths then this .

I have never seen this forum so packed with complaints. The lack of any communication from the dev team says it all. They do not care.

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I can’t even run the program anymore.
MSFS hangs as soon as I run it. Black screen and that’s it.
Any ideas ???
I have a clean MSFS install.

Hunkered down waiting for the storm to pass. People will eventually get used to the changes, or so they hope.

All these people who completely uninstall/reinstall/uninstall/reinstall… really? I have only ever installed MSFS 2020 once. On launch day. I don’t know what people think they’re going to ‘fix’ by doing a complete uninstall/reinstall. Baffling.

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Massive respect to @aaphebus. You’ve managed to make a disappointed “I quit” post that is calm, mature and civil throughout, while also making it’s point incredibly well.

Hats off to you Sir, you’re an example to us all. Sorry to see you go, but I hope you find a hobby you enjoy just as much to take the place of flight simming. :slight_smile:

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We’ve been waiting for these things to get fixed for a year.

We just watched this from Overkill and hope it helps. Cheers m Dears !


Exactly my point too! That’s why I’ve started this thread : Any plans to avoid forced updates and allowing us to rollback into an older version?
There are far too many reasons to support it, and it’s very much feasible to.

yeah i get where you coming from with xplane but come on, we have all had a taste of flying around real world now, we are not going to want to go back to generic, it would be like dating a blow up doll for 20 years then going on a date with a real person, your not suddenly going to turn down real life lady just because life with blow up lady was moan free, stress free and just generally easier are you ?


That’s…an interesting way of putting it (no, the words not that other thing and doll)! But what stops one to use both?

@aaphebus, It’s your choice to take a break of course. And I can imagine your disappointment when this update results in CTD’s.

If this means you never encountered CTD’d before this also means there is a problem with update-5 (and not with your hardware) right?

You mentioned you were about to invest in a new Pc / Hardware, but you didn’t mention your current configuration or your settings. As you have some experience you should also realize sending a Ticket will put you “in hold” for a long time because of the vast amount of errors being reported.

You also mentioned you “reinstalled” FS2020 and deleted any folders ‘you could find’. Are you sure you completely deleted Fs2020 or could it be you left some files which could be the cause of the problems?

I’m not saying there aren’t any problems with this update. I also experienced my first CTD since august last year. But because we’re not the only one’s, I’m sure Asobo’s technicians are looking into these reports as we speak.

Last but not least: For me this last update is a step forward. When I fly GA planes I don’t have any errors or crashes and the performance has improved significantly. My system is far from modern and dangles at the bottom of the system-demands (I7-7700 / Gtx-1060).

Anyway, I wish you good-luck and I hope the Zendesk will offer you a solution. If you want you make sure, you absolutely tried every option possible, I’m willing to re-check possible causes.

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…i literally have no words, you got me :rofl:


Thank you sir. :pray:
Never wanted to start a war you know, there are many everywhere for so many (and sometimes insignificants) reasons.

I must admit I was hesitant to post but… In the end I think I did the right thing. Lots of people here have send me the right words to help me being around, at least for another try. And just having a break for the moment waiting for maybe another, or more, update.
I think that’s what I will do for now. At least I will spend more time with my dogs, they always want me to go outside with them :slight_smile:


One definite cause of failures with this update is it is totally incompatible with software like Process Lasso and will not even start the update if that is running in the background.

Thanks, will have a look in this video. Seems he’s talking a lot about the CTD when starting the sim and how to clean all the directories that may be left, even after uninstalling the whole thing. Last try :slight_smile:

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With TrueEarth and/or OrthoXP it can be 90% as good as MSFS 2020. Without any issues.

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Asobo/Microsoft needs to listen carefully to customers like this. Whilst it’s fantastic to invite a whole new section of the community via Xbox, it’s critical to not abandon long-term, passionate flight simmers, otherwise it will just end up as an arcade game. And then all those third party devs who’ve jumped ship to MSFS will also be in trouble, because I’m guessing the average Xbox user won’t be interested in dropping 60 quid for a plane.

I’m also at the same point as the OP. My existing sims work beautifully. Curiosity keeps bringing me back here, but less and less as the problems grow and grow.


Thanks, yes that’s exactly the situation. Last week I made a 4h30 flight with PMDG DC6, using Navigraph, Air Hauler 2, Self Loading Cargo and SimToolKit pro. Using all of this on both screen and no problem at all, ever.

Like many, I had performances and optimisations problems, and sometimes odd behaviours from the sim (weather, traffic, frozen cockpit and other things). But never CTD. After SU5 sim doesn’t lauch at all. That’s plain simple :frowning:

Like some, the only CTD I had was when using a mod months ago. I removed the culprit and all was fine again.

My computer is a old one, lilke me :slight_smile: Core I7 (six cores with HT, don’t remember the generation) + 32 Go Ram. The only upgrade I made is a GTX 1660 Super (had a 980 before). I build it years ago for P3D. And it’s still doing the job very well (no 4K of course but that’s fine). So I really don’t think I will reinvest now.

Anyway, someone posted a video just before, that show all the folders that could remain and cause some problem. I will try that before taking a rest if this doesn’t work.

Thousands? TrueEarth is nowhere near that expensive. And Ortho4XP is free.

Moot point that it’s something that MSFS includes in the base sim if the OP can’t use it.

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