Time to put MSFS back in the toy cupboard

I’m from the older generation who remembers the joys of Christmas and the opening of presents under the tree. The look of glee and excitement as the wrapping comes off and the new gleaming toys are put through their paces.
But it’s not long before the new toys become old. They loose the immersion of imagination and the stories around them get repetitive and predictable. And soon the new toys end up in the cupboard or under the bed. Much like that must have kitchen gadget or tech device borne almost entirely from a “need” for something new.
I’m finding MSFS is quickly falling into this category.
For me P5D and XP have retained the newness because they work and they are always a challenge; just like the real thing. The XP Hotstart TBM 900 works and its G1000 is “real” and it feels like it was borne out of love for flying. So too the default (yes you read that right, the default) Cessna 172’s feel and fly like their real world counterparts and you can interact with them knowing pretty much everything works.
P5D with the various iterations of PMDG, Aerosoft, A2A and Majestic are also not toys in any sense and need concentration to fly right. And the reward for doing it right is a clean trip with a good landing and taxi to the parking, ramp or gate. Assisted by Pilot2ATC makes it that much more real.
To me, and I suspect many others too, flight simming is not a game but a serious challenge of skills and the mind. At 73, this keeps my mind challenged and active and young.
The eye candy of the unquestionable views, clouds and textures is incredible and a credit to the teams who built them.
Will revisit when the 3rd parties come to town but for now, like new Christmas and Birthday toys, that quickly starts to grow old, into the cupboard with the selfie stick, great new must have grill and my old lava lamps.
Oh, and of course, no offence to anyone intended.


You can run this in msfs by the way…just started to myself after the patch fixed the fsuipc stutter.


They sold a million copies so add up that chunk of change. Over 100 million dollars. So at the end of the day anything they do to improve our experience is a bonus. For those not happy I would suggest keep playing X-plane or whatever.

Once we get a hot start or A2A aircraft it will improve the experience. For me the real weather is the game breaker. How awesome to have the challenge of weather to spice up the experience or force you to choose an alternate airport,

So I hope that gets fixed but this is the next gen sim we’ve been waiting for. As I’ve said before Asobo won’t fix all the issues but third party and the community will be responsible for making this sim great.


We all have opinions and favorites but your comparisons about a one week old release, to xp and p5d, (which I’m sure your using according to licence agreement) complete with high end addons;

Is the same as comparing apples to bananas.

Enjoy whatever you do…


Please explain.
Thank You.


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While I fully agree there is tons of open issues currently with FS2020 and I honestly don’t know if they will be corrected or not over time, I still find the package a great plus to my own toolset. I can prepare real life trips in my sim at home, see where are the key positions, the way points and more. I can train my circuits of remote airfields and once I’m there I certainly gained knowledge and need less to check the maps. Overall yes it’s by far not a perfect product but it has its values.

If you are a pure Sim guy, and want to have a near true experience within the cockpit, maybe indeed currently FS2020 is not all that great. But if you want good VFR references, have a good (but not great) simulated flight, then I would say FS2020 is currently unmatched.

Again that’s just my personal option and experience.


it’s not one week old… they started at 2006 and with all data from old fsx. … inform yourself before making claims

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For me the MSFS2020 is a new colorful world as it should be and I believe in the new sim. I think at the end of the year we will think differently about the MSFS. X Plane with its grey colors has rather caused depression in me. And not to mention all the addons and weather programs I had to buy to make X Plane more or less realistic. Personally I was not really satisfied with X Plane from the beginning but that’s just my personal opinion.


What is it with this constant, never-ending, on-going human need to share our feelings on MSFS when we know that there is a significant number of people who think differently than we do. And so often these posts are made with a provocative topic title. Is it just venting? Is it trying to start another debate which so often ends in personal acrimony? Is it to say I am right and you are wrong? Whatever it is, it sure is tiresome. Am I missing something? Is there something wrong with me? … All I really want to see on the forums are people reporting bugs and making suggestions and sending corresponding zendesk reports, as well as people asking questions, getting help, sharing news and hints etc. Cheers.


Partly I can agree with you, but a forum is also there to exchange opinions.


@PitPetersen387, yeah I know, but these are so numerous and repetitive and seem to get us nowhere. But I can take it as I am loving the Sim and the Forum. Cheers.


Just as we have provocative thread titles on this theme, we also have the opposite view manifesting itself in the same way. Give and take, negative and positive views have their place in any worthy forum.


@FunkierSteam418, yeah, of course I agree, so maybe both sides could back off a bit and stick more to substantive points. Cheers.

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Sure, so you (or somebody) would need to tell ALL the streamers and bloggers out there to stop all the exaggerating altogether or at least tell the WHOLE truth.

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@aracines, ha ha, I don’ like my chances! Cheers.

Perhaps you should be the one informed? Can I use any addon for FSX in the new sim as is? Nope. It may use parts from FSX but its an almost completely new sim with hardly any addons.
The OP response about becoming bored is not unusual. Its the addons that maintain the interest. The new planes to download and learn to fly. There are millions for p3d. Until they show up msfs is going to lose some lustre in the very short term but long term it will be king.


Like, hate or otherwise MSFS, it is good competition which will result in an even better flight sim product line to choose from. I have parked MSFS until it becomes more mature, only because I have tired of being a tester.


it’s just OP trying to assert themselves as the grownup person in the room while talking down to the children about “putting the sim back in the toy cupboard”. Basically just talking at the wall in the vain hopes that somebody jumps up and says “WOW SO STUNNING AND BRAVE! I WAS AFRAID TO SAY IT BUT I FEEL THE SAME WAY”.

In other words: it adds nothing to the forum, does not further exchange of knowledge, opinions or ideas… just the same “DAE think xplane/FSX/P3Dv5 with 4 figures worth of payware are better than MSFS2020?” over and over and over until the cows come home…


I’d give up FS in a heartbeat if it wasn’t for 3 things that are keeping my interest:

  1. The weather depiction
  2. Knowing that A2A is developing
  3. VR is coming

I’ll make my final decision once I see all 3 coming together. Meanwhile although I am inclined to agree with the OP, I’m prepared to give it a chance. And for £1 on Game Pass, it’s a steal!