Time to say thank you, to all beta testers and asobo team

As well as we come here to talk about how bad things are, when we have a significant improvement I think is fair to say thank you.

I believe my nvidia card does not support the DLSS, however after sim update X, my sim is much softer than before and I won over 30% more frames which allowed me to improve my slides.

I just lost my HUD instruments at chase camera, and while I was approaching to KLGA, wind gust passed from 15kts to 62kts.

I believe small bugs will come out soon, but on this post, the main objective is to congratulate the whole team.


Yup, I was a beta tester. You can thank me directly for pretty much all of the good stuff that SU10 brings. Any problems that arise from this new update are definitely because of someone else.



Well, there is always SU11.

I am always amazed by today’s software house commitment to its 2 years old title.

Back then, FS2004 (FS9) came out 2 years after FS2002. And then FSX 2 years later.

Today, everyone seems to make a platform out of their basegame and continues to seek ways to make such development model commercially and financially sustainable. I don’t mind. As Moore’s law tappered off and transistor density no longer doubled every 2 years, I can see FS2020 will be our main platform for years to come. As Cities: Skylines has demonstrated, good or bad DLCs / expansions don’t affect how loyal the fanbase is.

I has been a committed fan since FS95, so SU10 is just another time to thank you the devs and testing team for their dedication. Just to let you know, that your work is really appreciated here.


Yes they’ve done a great job. Love update 10!


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I think you have some unreal expectations of what this sim has to offer for a $60 game! ($100 if you buy the premium deluxe edition) MSFS has some of the best almost payware quality aircraft ever of any sim. The best almost payware quality airports of any sim. And hands down the best scenery of any sim! As far as ATC goes, I believe it is 3rd party developers job to take care of that category. Or you could join Vatsim. I’m really tired of nitpickers of what is a $100 dollar game aside from those with real performance problems! Thank You Asobo for update 10 and your continued support of microsoft Flight Simulator!


It is great that the community is mucking in together, and it is a truly stunning game that I enjoy very much indeed.

However, the issue between third party devs, Microsoft store and Asobo must be addressed. As I write this I’ve finally reinstall Flytampa Sydney which worked flawlessly when first released back in 2021 on Xbox. It had just bombed me out to the Xbox dashboard, like most other third party airports I’ve paid for. This is an airport that I may add has been pulled from Xbox users for some time only to reappear today. Why?

I don’t think it’s on that this sits unaddressed.

Why do airports crash immediately on load?
Why do they work a second time of load?
Why is the ctd so random with most airports?

And finally…

Who is responsible for testing and giving these the green light to be sold?
What are they testing these addons with?
Why are they still on sale for Xbox when they have issues?
Why can’t customers get refunds?

This is the next big thing Asobo/devs/Microsoft MUST address. Xbox users are losing faith in the marketplace week to week. That is going to impact the sim in the long run.


From my PC perspective I’ll thank them.

However from my sofa on the sofa it’s a hot mess on the Xbox. Or as I call it the Hex Box.

Glass screen airplanes simply DO NOT WORK.
You can spend hours flying only to get black screens and a CTD if trying to fly blind from external.
Its absurd that this can’t be fault found and fixed.

My suggestion is remove any glass cockpit plane’s from the title from Xbox, the console cannot handle it. Period.

And it is nothing to do with the batteries draining as Seb suggested once. Lol.

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As ab xbox user I’m truly stunned at how the update improved the performance, stutters are gone, panning around inside and outside cockpit is perfectly fluid (kodiak, bn2, honda jet), clouds are super

it’s a major step ahed imho

thank you

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This seems a rather OTT suggestion when many Xbox users are enjoying glass cockpit planes - and indeed reporting that performance is better than ever following SU10. I’ve never been happier with the sim on Xbox or with my decision in 2021 to move from PC to console.

I appreciate that memory related issues are still a problem for some. The developers addressed the causes of this in detail in the last Q and A and are working to reduce these issues. They’re hardly ignoring it to be fair, however much you might wish that a resolution could be found more quickly.


Clouds are better, smoother panning around, improved load times on both X and S.
Yes some things improved. And on PC there’s nothing majorly wrong.

For some Xbox users not an insignificant number, creating a flight plan then loading to black screens
Or flying for an hour and getting black screens and a crash to console main screen isn’t acceptable for a hundred pounds + game.

MS and Asobo are not doing me a favour letting me fly their game. I am a paying customer. I am not an inconvenience that can leave if they don’t like it.
Or the admins don’t like to see critical commentary.

Imagine if MS/Asobo built homes. “Oh it’s sinking is it.” We don’t know why.“. Look. Some homes haven’t sunk. We will try to fix it. You can always move”… Lol.

Not having a go at you, nor the team. However if you can see data showing it doesn’t work. Disable those elements. Then everyone will be happy.

I absolutely get how frustrating these issues must be if you are experiencing them. The devs have acknowledged them and are trying to fix them.

However you appeared to be saying that I and other Xbox users - who are not experiencing issues or are at least prepared to put up with them occasionally as the ‘price’ of flying these planes - should no longer have the option to run glass cockpit planes because other users are experiencing problems that they consider unacceptable? Why should I be penalised? I may have misunderstood but the suggestion doesn’t seem right to me at all?

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Most likely it’s a combination of the 3rd party dev and changes in updates from Asobo.

I see package structure issues all the time from 3rd party devs who ignore the fact that all files must have unique paths or the virtual file system gets all mucked up. ALL files.

Over time, more checks are made and Asobo looks for package consistency issues. Unfortunately, they do not put checks in to keep the software from crashing. I don’t know why. Not to mention, it’s nearly impossible for Microsoft to check for package consistency issues since the very thing that causes crashes is what makes the system flexible for adding addons that improve the software.

So, most of the blame here is going to fall on Asobo, as

  1. They’ve got to fully document HOW to create a package consistently. Their default choices for package creation cause problems, such as names for files (modellib.bgl being the biggest offender, but there are others) and default paths, which devs just blindly use without thinking about their choice and possible consequences.
  2. They’ve got to implement more crash protection into their coding

At the same time, Devs have to be more careful about making sure their file paths are fully unique, so packages don’t crash into each other. As I noted, I hate buying from the Marketplace, mostly because I can’t go through the packages and find issues and fix them, along with all the other Marketplace issues. I have to go through nearly every package I download to fix things.

I feel very sorry for the folks on XBox, who have zero option for fixing issues, and depend TOTALLY on the devs to know what they are doing in terms of proper package structure. Most devs don’t as far as I can tell.


For the infinitesimally small number of beta testers, that actually beta tested, and didn’t just early access fly the SU10, thanks.


I tested all 3 platforms for you guys , the x , the s, and 2 PCs . It’s been a pleasure to do so for the community.


We agree to disagree…

You’re the greatest!

  • Best!