Tinted Cockpit Glasses

One, (for me, the most) annoying thing of VR flying is too bright and over-washed outside view, camera like over exposure effect is worsening this, and it’s more notable with big airliners where the distance between the front windshield and the seat is rather far. Outer scenery is almost indistinguishable from a pilot’s seat of A320. May GA planes have similar problems more or less. But unlike those others, JU52 is exceptional with its slightly tinted cockpit glasses guaranteeing good visibility even under the strongest sunshine on dry deserts. With this, I want to find if there are other planes with similarly tinted glasses and nice visibility and hope you fellows share information. Thank you.

EDIT: Boeing 247 which is recently released by Wing 42 has a similar tinted cockpit.

I’ve seen window tints available available on 3rd party mods. We need virtual aviators.

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A pair of virtual Ambermatics would rock!

I think the sim is accurate with the look in mid day with no clouds. But I think anyone would be wearing something!

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You’re right. We need Ray-Ban sunglasses seriously!

Something tells me your wish my come true very soon… :wink:


Great! Hopefully we could see another magic soon.

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