Tip for DVD users - save drive space!

Hi everyone. My boxed DVD version arrived yesterday. Like many customers I would prefer not to use Disc 1 each time I fly MSFS. So here is a workaround:

  1. Create a new folder. It can be any name.

  2. Copy and paste into the new folder these four files ONLY from Disc 1:

  3. Create an ISO file out of that folder with any name you want (doesn’t have to be MFS DISK 1). There are open source ISO creators available. Windows 10 can open ISO files but not write them without third party support. I had success with WinCDEmu.

  4. Each time before you run MSFS, first mount that new ISO file. The assigned letter and type of media (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, etc.) don’t matter. Make sure the virtual disc shows up in File Explorer before you run the sim. Check in This PC and make sure the assigned drive letter shows up.

That’s it. The ISO file is 2.18 MB which is a lot better than the over 7 GB that a full ISO copy of Disc 1 would have taken up. You can confirm it works if you see a small circle on the lower right after you press any key to start in the simulator. The disc check takes place between that press-key-to-start and the online search for updates.

Note that I did this using the English language DVD set. If you have a disc set in other languages and my instructions above doesn’t work, try adding all the 0x04… files since they are used for language support. I don’t think you will really need to, but I could be wrong.


Many thanks, works just fine.

Using the german DVD release I didn’t need to include any files but the first four you listed. Ended up with a 1.88 MB ISO file though, not that it seems to make any difference.


Thank you for trying this on your German set! I’m glad the four files only seems to apply to all versions of the DVD. Blue skies! :flight_departure:


Thanks, it works great with WinCDEmu and MFS in France.

Have a good day

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Very useful tip, thanks!

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Was able to try it (finally!) and it’s working like a charm! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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thank you, i will do this :ok_hand:

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Thank you for this tip - it makes this “copy protection” even more ridiculous…
I was not aware of this issue when buying the DVD box, I just thought it would look nice on the shelf and I could use the code to simply install it from the Microsoft Store.

Does anyone know how to clean re-install the game? Is it possible entirely without the DVDs with this workaround by just triggering the install via Windows Store?

Brilliant! I will try this tonight. I too was a little disappointed that I needed the disc in the drive after installing and registering to my account - surely that is all that should be required.

Along with the physical version, I had bought a drive to do the install as my PC does not have an inbuilt drive - so I have to constantly take the drive out, insert the drive and disc… but then the copy protection makes this thing go crazy each time I put the disc in. Sounds like the drive will break soon!

Thanks for the workaround - much appreciated!

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My Box version arrived today. My question is, may I download from microsoft store all the simulator and then redeem my dvd code? I think the download will be faster then the dvd

Yes, you will probably have to redeem the code first though.


Ok the simulator is installed . How to create an ISO with winCDEmu? I only see the definitions of the program in the start menu.

Try right-clicking on the folder with all the files from step 2 and select “Build an ISO image” from the contextual menu. If WinCDEmu has been installed properly you will see its purple-ish symbol on the left side.