Tips and feedback on Track IR

Hi everyone!

How is Track IR working for you? For me, Track IR is locking in on my panel whenever I look down at it, not allowing me to look around or lean in to zoom on it. I have to look up and hit the recenter key (F12) to free Track IR up again.

I’ve got the latest version of Track IR software, and it works perfectly on the grid when you open Track IR and are able to test head movement. And I’ve downloaded the latest “Games” update from Natural Point. The problem starts inside MSFS 2020.

Do my MSFS 2020 camera settings influence how Track IR behaves? Just curious how everyone else is doing, and looking for any tips, in particular regarding my camera settings inside MSFS 2020 while running Track IR.


That’s weird, I use TrackIR all the time and have never had it “lock” onto something unless I push F9 on my keyboard. Do your TrackIR lights stay green, or do they turn red like they do when you press F9 when you say it locks in?

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I don’t know what you are doing or how things are set up on your box, but my Track IR just works.

Thanks for the feedback, guys!

That was enough to tell me to look harder at my installation. After the update, I did a default reset of the camera settings, and Track IR worked perfectly for me.

Until I went to external view, hit F9 to pan around manually, and slowed down the external view panning speed and momentum on the mouse controls. Then all my problems came back again.

So if this is a software problem with MSFS 2020, I’m sure the developers are doing some of that, too, and will find the problems and work the bugs out over time. I can’t imagine it being unique to my system, as I can now break Track IR, and fix it again by resetting my camera settings to default.

Never mind…it was my setup causing this problem. The Track IR infrared tracking sensor on my monitor got tilted back by my wife when she was dusting, and my Track Clip Pro would fall out of range below it as I moved my head forward or looked down.

So now Track IR is working perfectly for me!