Tips for those who have MS Store version of MSFS when leaving the beta

So how again do I leave the beta?
I forgot, how I joined it… :roll_eyes:

EDIT: I found it. The Windows App ‘Xbox Insider’ does handle it.

And: Is it really required?
Would I stay on an older beta version when a new official version is published?
Who would want this?

Given FS2020 is published by Microsoft, the operating system is by Microsoft, the purchase point is the Microsoft Store and the installation app is XBOX (also inevitably Microsoft) why is leaving the beta such a pain for MSStore users when for Steam it’s simply a couple of clicks?

Why is not just an update like going from one beta version to the next?

Why is not just an update like going from one beta version to the next

Why Do You think, there is no?

Is there some special advice for Xbox users?
Or will we just get the update and automatically get “kicked” out of the beta from the Xbox insider hub?


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A while back I asked this and I think they said you automatically get kicked from the beta. Can someone confirm please what we need to do if anything.

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…actually reason why I`m asking is, I have left the beta for short time quite a while ago.
When i was back to SU9 there were some of my control setups missing!

after i went back to SUx Beta they have appeared again… so I`m a little concerned about that.
But hope there will be no struggle…

may some of the officials can give some Info… or maybe they already have and someone can link that in here?

best greetings

Stay on the Beta!
You will get “kicked” out automatically some time (days) after SUX went live.

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Thanks, what would happen if I manually left the beta after it went live if I was still waiting to be automatically kicked from it?

Worst case:

  • Loss of Logbook
  • Loss of controller profiles
  • Reinstall everything
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Is it necessary to do the reinstall of sim update 9 (around 35gb) when leaving beta in the insiders hub. Or can I just wait till SU10 goes live and it will sort itself out…?

My system is running the MSstore version installed to a dedicated SSD (non-default location). I wanted to start SU10 update with clean SU9 and today left the Beta using Xbox Insiders. The game core will then receive small update after system restart. I find Xbox app works better than Store app for this update. This preserves the large “Official” packages folder but unfortunately the game does not work correctly. Appears the startup update-needed check does not roll-back some of the SU10 Beta files when core is rolled back to SU9. The game starts but the Profile and Options pages do not have content. My finding is it is required to rename or delete the “Official” packages folder and then start the game to re-download the 99GiB folder. This is effectively a total reinstall which was warned as a possible outcome when leaving the beta. At this moment the large download is in progress. I expect it will work when complete, but if new problems develop I will edit this post later.

I needed the reinstall - your experience may differ. Let us know.

Please ensure that you also read this post:

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very doubtful.

Okay. So it’s definite then that if we were in the Beta, we don’t need to do anything (as in we don’t need to leave the Insiders Hub)?

It would be nice if in the release notes Asobo wrote this for the many of us who were in the Beta.

For what its worth, I performed the following steps:

  1. Launch the xBox Insider Hub app
  2. Leave the SU10 Beta
  3. Restart the PC
  4. Open Microsoft Store
  5. Check for Updates and FS2020 SU10 GA version update downloaded

Be careful that when I went to actually launch FS2020, the default installation location was different than where I installed FS2020 and it tried to download the entire game (102GB) instead of the SU10 files! Make sure to select the drive & location where you have FS2020 installed. Gave me a panic for a hot sec! :crazy_face:

Just stay in the Beta and continue

So I backed up and restored my userconfig.opt but Im still getting the promp to setup all my graphics settings again after leaving the beta. Anyone else or did I do something wrong?

Yes that would work, but my post was more about leaving the beta before update is live. Thats why i do it the way i do. Example i left open beta about 2 weeks in, as alit of my addons was playing up

I have left the beta and now I have reinstall MSFS but it willnot load. It gets to 27% then stops. It took 8hrs to do this.I wish I had never tried the beta now as I am no longer going to be able to use MSFS.