Tired of changing your settings again and again? Aircraftspecific Profiles with settings for Graphics, Controller and Cockpit Cameras

Jumping into a different kind of aircraft (under the premise of getting the most immersive experience) makes it necessary to change different settings again and again…

->Different settings for different planes :blue_heart:

Getting aircraftspecific profiles for all the following settings would allow much smoother transitions between the types.
All the listed settings can be made already, and its fine if you are flying the same aircraft all the time.
But who does that? Specific Profiles for every aircraft, maybe edit/accessible in our hangar would allow to customize the planes to your needs and next time you just jump in and have the optimal experience.


1.Graphic settings

When changing from low and slow VFR to an Airliner or a Jet and High Altitudes makes it necessary to change graphics settings to some extent. When flying very fast with jets i need to degrade my settings if i want avoid that my textures cannot be loaded in fast enough. → Graphics settings relate to aircraft type

2.Controller settings

Obviously there are huge differences between steering an ultralight compared to an airliner, so often some keys/bindings have to been set up different. Yeah i have different controller profiles already, but if you have 2 or more input devices to change every profile when changing the type takes a while…

3.Camera settings
I didn’t count how often i have changed e.g. the height of the camera or the camera type (Width/Landing/Close) and other parameters in the camera overlay menu.

Please consider to relate/bind all these kinds of settings to aircraft profiles that are presets of every aircraft and are loaded automatically if you select the type.

Thanks for your stunning work! :blue_heart:

Yep, being able to associate a control preset with a set of aircraft and having these load automatically would be awesome (I keep forgetting to change them).

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Yes, yes and yes. a really nice idea. Voted.
I’m on the fence when thinking about buying the PMDG DC6 because of that.
I have a setting for two engines planes. I can eventually fly a mono engine, not a big deal.
But this definitively won’t work with a four engines.
So I too would really like to see this feature implemented.

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it is not a problem you can set all 4 engines to the same input, so they always will run
together same.

Yes I can do that, but I also have to neutralize the second input that is allocated to engine two. and vice et versa each time I will change plane (I fly twins often) … that will be certainly tedious on the long run…
I’m using two Saitek pro throttle quadrants, six input, first two for engines, next for prop and last two for mixture. I like to keep at least right and left engine separated. That’s why I also could do : one and two on the first input, and three and four on the second. But once again, tedious to change setting each times I need to choose another plane.

again,not at all, you can make different profile settings, like i have now one for the h135
helil., i only need to switch to the right controller profile.
so you need to make separate profile settings for the dc6 per input, thats just a one time do it , effort.

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OK, didn’t even know about that. I will check that after work thanks

This topic is related to some degree:

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I changed the camera.cfg for every aircraft because we are sitting too low and often too far back. I thought i’d have to do this once but almost every patch patch overwrites them to their default values. Now i writeprotected them, hope it helps and doesn’t stall the installer, pun intended. Prolly something console players can’t do i am afraid.

It’s good to have different profiles for different aircrafts. It would be perfect, if the profile would change automaticly if the aircraft is changed.

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Would like to have profiles as well.

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