Titan V causing CTD issues near or inside the airport

I had used nVidia Titan V for FS2020. I had been suffering from sudden crash to desktop issues near or inside airport. This problem was so critical to me and things got worsen while patches applied. I could not even taxi to runway from gate, due to the crash occurred within 1~2 minute in the airport, or just before the final touch to runway in the final approach. Ridiculously, just flying over a city such as New York was fine.
Now I have changed my GPU to RTX2080, and almost all the crashes are not present.

  1. Threadripper + Titan V = Crash
  2. Threadripper + RTX2080 = OK
  3. Ryzen 2400G + Titan V = Crash
  4. Ryzen 2400G + RTX2080 = OK
  5. Ryzen 2400G + Internal Vega 11 = OK(!)

Is there someone who is using Titan V and suffering from this issue? Are all other Titan V users enjoying flight well?