To be or not to be : CPU limited Or GPU limited, that is the question

I meant GTX 960, not i7 960. My bad, I should have been clearer :slightly_frowning_face:

If you fly an airliner at that sort of resolution and settings, you will probably run into a CPU bottleneck. You can’t really go wrong with a CPU or GPU upgrade, you will notice the GPU upgrade with higher graphics settings + higher framerates in VFR planes, and you will notice the CPU upgrade with less stuttering / hitching + higher framerates in IFR planes.

Also yes, 25-26 FPS is rather low for a 960 @ 1080p, but you mentioned you are running at “High End” settings. If you look here, you can find GPU intensive settings to tone down.

Also, I forgot to ask what 960 you have. I assumed you had a 4GB model, if you have a 2GB model I reccomend you replace the GPU instead. Just my two cents.