To get it working or get it downloaded - Here is what I did

  1. Unplugged all USB devices I did not need to work now.
  2. Disable firewall and anti virus windows and all.
  3. The game store will download a new update.
    It should download after the new update you will have to tell it to download, and then install.

My download took 18 hours (slow internet connection). The loading part so I actually get the game to show me options/panel/planes, etc. Home screen is 3 minutes. I allowed the default settings to stay and I don’t experience any slowdown effects.

FWIW- I use zone alarm extreme for firewall and antivirus - for game to start, this has to be turned off, otherwise it will not start. I have checked inside ZA to see if something is blocking it, cannot find it if it is. I will send them a message alerting them to this, and this is not the first time, I find something their tech staff misses. Last time it took them 2 months to get a version which worked.

Windows Insider Build?

No, I could never get that to download. It is the premium deluxe version from the store.

Same experience, I had to uninstall ZA completely to download from store. I reinstalled it again after that, and may time MSFS don’t start unless I close ZA and restart it after MSFS starts. Also some times market place stuck and show no internet connection, all back to normal after stopping ZA! I hope ZA find fix for that issue soon.

I have run FS-2020 with ZA running, and flew for a while, closed game and came back to it later, and it would not start so exited ZA, then it ran. It works sometimes and does not work other time’s. ZA has an extensive report from me, with a whole slew of data and lots of files, so they should be able to figure it out. They are supposed to e-mail me when and if a solution is found, they said that last time too, and a new update came out with no notification, so we shall see.