To jump in my plane in two clicks!

… and fly !

Hi folks,
What about few shortcuts in the startup page with direct link to our favourites flights ? Then one click to launch the sim, and another to be onboard.
Now although you can load a saved flight or flight plan and load it from the map page, the process take long and many clicks/pages to go through. Boring when you…

But you perfectly now the story:
Some days when back from work, alone at home so far you think "what about a short flight to relax before the coming daily rush… Hum… But it’s long to proceed and you also forgot to enable some add-ons then you have to restart and to set this and that and it’s clearly waste of time. Finally you just want to FLY !

Then please Asobo: put 3 to 5 buttons on the startup page (large places available) where we could go DIRECTLY to a saved flight, with all parameters previously saved on, including aircraft, meteo, etc.

For that just a small additional option when we save flight “Save as favourite flight”.
I agree this is some of an arcade aspect but for sure would be a real plus for everybody.
I have also in mind that accessibility would be easier for kids. (I have one or two at home who don’t care about doing a flight plan so far. I am working on it but it takes time !)
And I guess that the XBOX players will not contradict !

Enjoy !
Sorry for the French accent :yum:
See you