To know what I am buying, would be great if features were frozen and not everything constantly changes

Problem is you do not know what you buy. Say you bought it for the nice night lighting, then a few weeks later your reason for buying gets changed/removed. Like buying a car for the nice red paint, then later the salesman shows up in front of your house and paints it blue. Usually in software development, certain features that are finalized are ‘frozen’, ie never get changed again. Would this be useful here? I just want to know what I spend money on.

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They said it will be a 10 year program so things will change.

I doubt they can now ‘freeze’ features for 10 years as nobody knows what will happen in 2/4/6/… years (maybe new technology, etc.)

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Not an easy subject.

If everything were frozen, the “bugs” would not be removed, which I think most users would object to. And what you deem to be “nice lighting”, to others might seem garish and therefore a bug (to them). Similarly the plane handling, to some would be ok but to others unrealistic. etc. I for one would not be happy if the sim I bought (with all it’s problems) would not be improved, and I wouldn’t have bought it if it had not come with a ten-year improvement promise.

That is why this forum is a great asset - the developers get hints as to what needs changing, and the more users who push it, the more likely the devs are to take notice. Democracy (of a sort) in action.


Wait for the Sim to be “finished” then come back and play, these days most if not all Sims (and a lot of games) are Continually Evolving products that are never released in a “finished” state from the start like the good old days.

Please be patient. The sim is clearly shaping up. Several default aircraft still have problems, but some fly really well, and as the sim is shaping up, we will get great addons. Even though it was a bumpy start, that was a brand new development, and it should be expected. Future looks bright.

I exclude bugs here. Todays situation where games are usually released buggy makes me never buy around release anyway. I just hold out and buy when the game is bug fixed, which usually means a big sale as well.

I am explicitly refering to game features that get changed. For example the new nigth lighting where every rural road now looks like a christmas tree decoration. Changing a product after you bought it, not sure how good that is. The analogy is buying a red car with 6 gears, and 3 month later the garage shows up in front of your house, gets the tools out and changes it to blue and 5 gears.

I can see your point - if they change something I like, I’m not happy, either.

However, how to manage software changes is not easy, and is not at all like the hardware change you refer to (i.e cars). Software is cheap and easy to update, and is usually done in response to user demand, or necessary hardware changes etc, or the desire to make the product more attractive and so increase sales. Cars do occasionally need a forced “update” with safety recalls (perhaps you’re too young to remember the switch to unleaded petrol?), but that’s an expensive option for the manufacturers.

You can read on these forums how many users are not happy with the lighting (among other things), and the devs will often change things not realising perhaps the majority of users prefer the status quo.

On the other hand, there are certainly many features most users would appreciate, and if the software developers had an easy way of implementing them then they should do it. Removing the “Press Any Key” is a feature most people (though not all) were pleased to see go, and adding helicopters will surely be welcomed by most (when it happens).

So, as I said, everyone should use the forum to get their point across. Where possible, I would prefer any feature changes implemented to go in the Options menu, but sometimes I can see this would be too complicated, and the devs are forced to go with what they perceive as the majority.

A final point - features being “frozen” was actually similar to how software used to be - you can see that from the number of versions of Windows in the old days, and even the number of MS flight sims. Users, though, rightly objected to having to buy a new version every year or two, and hence the current movement towards updates for existing software, with a full release over a much longer period (10 years in this case).

I think if drivers were offered the option of being able to upgrade their cars every year for free, they would jump at it.

We can’t just have the development frozen. There are bugs to squash, new content to introduce and improvements that we’ll expect as hardware and software capabilities improve over the next 10 years. To freeze the development of the sim would be to stagnate it, and we’ve had stagnation for years in the other platforms. That’s not a situation I want to be in again.

Perhaps what you really want is a means to play the simulator in a given state, like how Steam allows, for some games, a specific version to be selected and downloaded. When I want to play a previous version of my favourite game, Stellaris, I simply tell it to download a different version of the game. Of course, it would likely need to come with a caveat that previous builds are not supported.

Feature freeze is not development freeze, and not bug freeze as well. It means that certain features are not going to change anymore, while new features are added (over the next 10 years).

Example night lighting: freeze current implementation and as soon as radio towers are introduced, add their pattern to night lighting. But to constantly change night lighting over and over as a whole just means you potentially destroy the reason why some people might have bought it.

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Also known as stagnation, which, as I literally pointed, out is what we’ve had in the incumbent sims. No thanks, I don’t want that and I highly doubt it’s going to happen.

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ok, good. What I meant though is to built on existing features which are fixed. Like a house, wall is there, is painted. Now up to interior and roof. But do not change the wall again, I purchased it this way because I like it this way.
In all honesty, people like you are literally the reason this thing of a simulator is have close ti zero players compared to other videogame-sims. Who buys this when everything about it is in such a limbo feature-wise, not to mention the bugs. You literally do not know what you are buying at this point.

Continually Evolving Software doesn’t work like that, it’s evolving, things will change, things will improve, some things might break, some things might go backwards, it is what it is and it seems to me you’re better off waiting a few years until this Sim had settled down somewhat.

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It boils down to: they released it knowing it was full of bugs preventing some very basic flying but released it anyway. Period. They knew it and shipped it. They got their money so now we get to be the beta testers for all updates.

The changes made in the sim are intended to improve the sim. Yeah, I believe they over did it with the street lights but they will tweak it down to fix it again in a future update. I am absolutely good with the changes they make and believe that this sim will continue to improve. I still say that this is a great time to be a flight simmer.

One thing I can tell you is that with each and every patch the sim deteriorates a little more.

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