To the members of this Forum who have acquired the aircraft, "F-22A Raptor"

I beg those who have this aircraft, please spare me a few minutes, only on the autopilot configuration, that is, I need exactly the sequence of manipulations to assign the values of: ALT, VS, SPD, HDG. To the autopilot

Without going into further depth, I am only interested in assigning values to these functions (which I already do currently). All of them are reflected in the PFD, but especially one of them, is excessively tiny and I would like to know, where to see these numbers indicating the larger HDG.

I am convinced that I am not doing it correctly and I would like to know how to improve this sequence.

Another problem I have is this:

The Multi-Function Dispaly screens (MFDs) is where I enter the numbers, and the (PFD), is where these numbers are reflected. I have to view them simultaneously on the monitor, and it happens that I have to reduce excessively the set of the two screens, which makes it very difficult for me to see especially the HDG function numbers. How can I improve this allocation of values and see them in a larger size.

How do I activate the Integrated Control Panel (ICP) screen (below the HUD), and how do I use this screen with its numbers and functions?

Once again, I ask for help to do this job correctly.

Thank you very much for your effort and time spent.

Kind regards: Delfin

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