Tobii - Position Slider (Translational DOF) Not Working Correctly

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Enabling the position slider sets the camera eyepoint way back in any aircraft I’ve tried. Making the translational DOF pretty much unusable at the moment.

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  1. Set 'Head Tracking Sensitivity: Position" above 0 (it is set to 0,50 in the screenshot)
  2. Toggle Head Tracking in the sim On

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Tobii Eye Tracker

Same here. As soon as I activate the positioning via head tracking I am way back in the aircraft and leaning forward or backwards does not work. Leaning to the sides is working and rotation.


I had the same experience on the beta and did some digging. There’s a reset head keybind on F12. After hitting that you will be centered in the seat. We’re reaching out to the dev team to have this information added and hopefully bindable in the settings. Thanks for the quick feedback and hope you’re having a more enjoyable experience with settings in-game!

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Hello Jonas,

Thank you! I can confirm that F12 key works and besides centering the seat correctly it also enables proper translation movement and full 6DOF.

There is a little but important caveat though, F12 key works only with keyboard settings set to ‘Default’ in Control Options. When using custom settings it does nothing.

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I’m away from my computer for a few days so can’t check, but does it also fix the translation axis assignment so it lines up with the head position rather than being fixed relative to the aircraft nose ?

I think it does and it is working correctly now like any other head tracking tech.

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No, if you look on the left and lean towards the window, the head will slide to the right instead of moving forward.

I’ve not experienced anything like that. Head position is head position, head rotation is head rotation for me. It only goes a bit weird when you lean over too far (almost outside of the sensors range).

Ok I give up. Exactly how do you get 6 DOF to work with Tobii? I have the default keyboard applied in the sim. I have mapped and tried the F12 button. It does center the view but I still do not have the forward/back.

Not a bad product but not really what I thought it would be. Far too sensitive and not nearly as ‘tweakable’ as TrackIR. At least not yet.

Hello @JamAir421,

The Community Manager for Tobii has posted an extremely useful guide on how to configure the Eye Tracker 5 for MSFS, including how to enable 6DOF. You can read it at the link below. You may need to tweak some of the recommended settings to match your personal preferences, though.

Thanks for the assist but its back in the box. Won’t stay powered up, too jerky and jummpy no matter how much i adjust. Needs to be too close to read my eyes well.

May not have enough power to keep it stable so until i can find out it’s back to track ir.

I do appreciate the help just the same


Sorry to hear you’ve run into some issues.

When it comes to tracking and stability it’s important to be within what we call the track box. It’s essentially the area where we’re able to track you reliably. Find the details in this help article:

To enable 6DoF you need to adjust the Head Tracking Sensitivity: Position. When that’s set to 0 it’s disabled. The higher you go the more sensitive it will be. You need to hit the reset head hotkey (default F12) to position you in the center of the seat in the cockpit.

If the tracker for some reason turns off, plug in the eye tracker in the back of your PC. Monitor USB hubs and front USB ports might not provide sufficient power. If you keep having strange issues the best thing is to reach out directly to our support team. You can find that in the help center link in the first part of this post above.

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Thanks again. I may try to get a dedicated USB power supply just for Tobii and see if that works.

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I also have a problem. With the position setting anywhere above 0.20, I find myself way outside of the cockpit, getting closer or further from the device doesn’t do anything.
Coming into this from TrackIR and using it for 10+ years, this is super disappointing for me right now.