Today 1.17 Gb (bad) experience

What happends me today:

  • Restarted MSFS after a day of perfect use.
  • Marked mandatory update via MsStore.
  • 1.17 Gb download started and finished with error.
  • Persistent error and unable to finish the download.

In the end:

  • Missed MSFS icon on taskbar
  • About 200 Gb of free space on hd
  • MSFS installation completely gone.

It may be enough for today it seems to me.

Exactly the same has just happened to me and I’ve been using the sim most of today. A completely empty 1 TB NVME drive and I’m now having to download the entire game.

Worse, 150 plus addons from various sources, some free and some paid have all gone with my community folder.

It will take me weeks to try to rebuild and reset all this.

What the hell are microsoft up to?

Exactly same situation like me.

I dont understand…i’m waiting an update for 25-26 of January, not today.
Another strange step is that msfs shows me to proceed with update from MS Store instead of xbox app like the latest.

I’m waiting an answer from MS-Asobo Team but probably didnt will happend.

Were you in the beta?

For those that were in the Post SU7 Beta, a forced exit started today. Those that were not and have not updated MSFS since Version (8 days ago), will receive an update.

We recommend all beta participants leave the flight before January 13th. Once you leave the flight, PC users will receive an update to the sim. If you have not left the flight by January 13th, you will be removed automatically and receive an update on that day.


Beta ? Yes

Ok, well the post from the forum moderator explains what happened.

I’m not getting anything for an update when I go to the store. I already got the update 8 days ago.

If you received the update 8 days ago (6 of January), then you are already on the current version.

But the sim won’t open now saying I need to get the mandatory update.

Ok…but my question is:
Why my msfs installation is damaged ?
Why about 200 Gb (Community and other msfs folders) disappeared from my hd ?
Is a chance to restore this situation ?

If you had the beta installed to the default location, there have been reports where users had to download the entire install after exiting the beta.

There was a notice placed here about this:

What I do is always check to see where it is installing to (even when not installed to default) as at times, it wants to go there.

Unfortunately, it does not backup the Community folder. I would suggest in the future to change the default location and keep a backup of your Community folder.

@AssuringZoo793, if you have the MS Store and launching MSFS throws you to the MS Store, assure Windows is up-to-date as well as the MS Store app. Restart your PC. This what I had to do as my install kept throwing me back to the Store.

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My sim is in a custom path… This is making no since. I’ll try your suggestion at the bottom.

But my question is:
In the year 2022 is it so difficult to ask for confirmation before erasing 200 Gb of data from the disk?

Thank you


There is a wishlist on this:

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Same with me compleate reinstall after beta … was already on newest SW … it deleted my whole install

It does seem to me that this whole Beta process is flawed. I do not participate personally.
My main reason is not that I dont want to assist, but it seems to me that every time the Beta comes to an end and the actual UPDATE is released, many Beta participants either lose the entire setup or have big issues.
This isnt acceptable. Beta participants perform a useful function. This Beta process just isnt
right. This just isnt any way to treat Beta users. Seems to me that either the instructions are far from clear or the whole process is flawed.


Condolences to all of the willing Beta testers who’s builds were ruined from these flaws.:disappointed_relieved:

I wish they would always give us a head start on this topics when starting the simulation. Some window popping up right at the start, properly informing the user (of a group if several) why something happens and why. Same procedure if any technical issues are detected or if widespread flaws are making waves. Just an Infoboard, kind of news ticker that avoid this endless searches in the forum… :blue_heart:


I had the same thing happen last Friday after opting out of the beta, I was on the default install path so I chalked it up to that being the issue. Had to do a complete re-install, this time on a custom install path.

I also had the MS Store pop up, you will also notice that your MSFS Icon in the task bar is gone and that the EXE file does not work any longer.