Today Stravanger ENZV to Sogndal ENSG

Stravanger to Sogndal today Saturday 28th August at 3pm BST

Route is

Stravanger ENZV
Bergen ENBR
Florø ENFL
Sandane ENSD
Sogndal ENSG

Total Miles 248

To see everybody on LittleNavMap, you might like to use the Transmitter application for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Voice Communications
Voice communication will be provided via the Virtual Flight Online Discord Server:

Please choose the “WEST EUROPE” network within Microsoft Flight Simulator (click your avatar at the top right of the screen while in the menu or pause screens to change the network).

Can I ask how one turns up without LittleNavMap or Discord (on Xbox)?
Or is it simply a matter of just turning up? :slightly_smiling_face:

I assume I enable ‘Live Player’ not ‘Live Traffic’?

I must say that was very confusing.

After faffing about with settings I caught up with the ‘pack’ (by their nameplates) but the aircraft were invisible. An incorrect setting on my part I hope?