TOGA Keycommand

Does anyone know if there is an option to toggle/assign TOGA to a keycommand?

Ty :slight_smile:

Yes. Set filter to ALL and search for auto throttle. It’s right next to it.


Thanks. You just saved 30 minutes from my life having to search for it.

Don’t get too excited, I have mine set yet it doesn’t too anything lol. Maybe it’s just me though. Did you get it working?

It does work, but it’s wrong/incomplete. I’ve sent four different zendesk reports, that’s one of them.


Activating TOGA results in the FMA showing the actual roll mode and continues to stay in the present lateral mode. e.g. ROL, FMS, HDG etc. which is incorrect.
TOGA always commands wings level IRL and the corresponding PFD lateral mode indication should be TO.

In the vertical mode, the FD correctly shows a +7° pitch attitude, but there’s no PFD indication at all.
As in the lateral mode, the indication should be TO.

The correct PFD indication when activating TOGA should be TO TO.

When activating TOGA during AP flight, e.g. during a turn in HDG mode, the AP should follow the FD and roll to a wings level attitude.

I’ll have to test it out in the TBM, I’ve only really tried it in the 748