Toggle/Hold MAX Reverse Mapping

Using the TCA sidestick with the reverse detent ability. When I the hold reverse just puts it in reverse and does nothing. And the toggle means I have to go full throttle and it’s kina annoying. I’m not sure if IRL they always use 100% reverse thrust or not but I think for a Sim it doesn’t matter much.

Hi @weedrummerman

We’re unclear if you’re wishing for a functionality to happen on the Reverse Dentent?

It appears you’ve encountered the same problem identified in the boards since Launch - that the default Toggle Reverse Thrust isn’t working on the slider’s Button 17 (dentent) position. The problem being that you have to wait for Reverse Thrust to take effect, then bring the slider out of Button 17 position and slide it back up the throttle path to increase the braking effect.

My understanding is that the workaround is to map “Reduce Thrust” a.k.a., F2 to Button 17. That, plus dynamic braking will bring you to a stop a lot more easier than Toggle Reverse Thrust. Let us know if this is the case, and it works for you, and we can close this WL item. Otherwise, please feel free to edit your post above to better reflect what you’d like to request as a WL. Thanks!

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