Toggle HUD view not working

I found a keyboard command to toggle HUD view in the cockpit camera (f10). It does not work. This would be of value to me since the huge framerate hit using popouts make this feature unusable for me.

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Are you talking about the HUD in the 787, because that’s probably what that function key is for, rather than the assistance HUD.

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I was flying the default Cessna Caravan. I guess I was mistaken as to what the function of the command was. I was hoping it would do what the assistance setting did.

Agreed. A toggle for External View HUD would be much appreciated. I’m probably wrong, but when you use the Options menu to cause the HUD to appear, I would think some embedded line of code, something like ‘External HUD = 0’ gets set to ‘External HUD = 1’, causing the HUD to appear in the external view. How hard would it be (if that were the case) to add a couple of lines of code to access that line of code and toggle it, at will?