Toggle landing cockpit mode (hold) broken after SU8

Neither the (hold) nor non-hold version work. The binding is available and it lights up in the joystick bindings when I press the bound button but it has no effect in the cockpit. Worked perfectly until the update.
This happened back in April '21 when “Toggle Landing Cockpit Mode” broke, and the fix was to bind to “Toggle Lansing Cockpit Mode (Hold)” instead. Now neither work.
Anyone else seeing this?

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It was reported broken in the Beta too.


Nuts. So no workaround, I guess?

Only hitting the spacebar to sit up.


Wow! I didn’t know about the space-bar. Works just like my joystick button did. Now I can allocate that button to something else.
Thanks much for mentioning that!

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Works in default keyboard.
Will not work on your custom keyboard. There will be some other key functions not working also.

Reason ( like it or not) :
When the default xml keyboard mapping has been modified/bug fixed or new keys created, as in the case of SU8, your current “custom” mapping will not function correctly, because custom is based on the default set.
This has happened before (with mouse also) and certainly will again as new functions are added to the keyboard.

We’ll have to recreate any/all custom keyboards. Do not use copy or just rename old custom set, that will not work.
Create new.

Tip: save your old custom settings, use them as a reference to create a new custom set.
-First create a new custom with a different name so you don’t confuse them, then just go back and forth between them, creating new mapping. Once you’ve finished, delete the old custom map set(s).
You can always rename the new set afterwards if you like.

Not entirely true. I have a custom keyboard - the only thing I changed (several versions back) is add a keystroke to trigger refuel/repair, but it still works after the update as well as the space-bar changing the cockpit view. Unless I misunderstood you, it appears that some custom keyboards still work.
Second, and most important to this thread, I mapped my joystick button that was previously supposed to trigger “Toggle Landing Cockpit Mode (Hold)” that was broken by SU8 to “Cockpit View Upper”, which is what the default space bar is bound to. Works perfectly from my joystick. Happy to have that functionality back. It is a moving target - second binding change to maintain the original functionality!

My default controls for this view work fine.

“Cockpit View Upper” is not the same though. I used to use both: “Cockpit View Upper” moves the viewpoint up, “Landing mode” moves the viewpoint forward. I have changed the default key binds extensively, to make it work more intuitively and conveniently and to bind more functions, so redoing it entirely will take me hours. Similar bugs have occurred before, but those times just rebinding the respective control was sufficient. That does not seem to work now. Before I spend the time redoing all binds from scratch, can anyone confirm that doing so will solve the issue indeed?

You are right. It is not the same. Rebinding the controls did not work for me, but I have a suitable workaround that I can live with until (if?) it is fixed properly by Asobo.

  1. I have left the “Cockpit View Upper” binding to the space bar. This moves the seat up, but not forward.
  2. I have bound “Toggle IFR Cockpit Mode” to the trigger key on my joystick, which moves the seat forward.
    These two can be used in combination. Just clicking my joystick trigger will give me a clearer view of the avionics. Just hitting the space bar will give me a good landing view. Hitting the space bar then triggering the joystick gives me what I think I remember the “Toggle Landing Cockpit Mode” did.

An interesting note: “Toggle IFR Cockpit Mode” does just that - toggles between trigger presses. “Toggle IFR Cockpit Mode (Hold)” returns to the previous view when I release the trigger. I would have thougt that (Hold) implies that the state is “held” until the next trigger, but it seems to mean “held” while the trigger is pulled. This is the opposite behavior from the “Toggle Landing Cockpit Mode (Hold)” before SU8 broke it. It remained in the toggle state until the second trigger.

These bindings are a moving target!

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