TOGGLE PAUSE (I set for Escape Key and no longer Toggles since last 2 Updates)

You broken this in SU5. It does not TOGGLE back again.

When did they add a toggle for PAUSE?

To the best of my knowledge the only pause variant that has a toggle is ACTIVE PAUSE.

The “stop all things” PAUSE requires 2 keys.
Pause ON and Pause OFF and has never had a toggle.

I like many have rebound ESCAPE to TOGGLE PAUSE as the old bind used to cause issues. There is a TOGGLE PAUSE and it used to function as a TOGGLE as it is supposed to.

Unless they added a toggle mapping in SU5 then the only TOGGLE for pause is for ACTIVE PAUSE and the Actual Pause requires 2 keys.

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TOGGLE PAUSE has been there since launch.

But it may be that you have mapped Pause ON for the type of pause that does not have a toggle and requires an additional key to mapped to Pause OFF (and to my knowledge it’s been like that since launch.)

No. From launch to SU5 the ‘escape’ button toggled between pause and unpause. It’s nothing to do with key mapping.

Well I re-mapped like many others did. It surprises me some don’t even know anything about it. The fact remains…


Because toggle pause = toggle pause and open menu.


Actually the Esc key takes you to the Main Menu by default, not Pause. What they did do is make is to that the Esc key doesn’t take you out of rather main menu now, and you have fo mouse over the exit button at the bottom left.

It seems they have broken a couple of these Toggle functions. The other I know of is the toggling spoilers, like the Ovation has.

I don’t know when this was fixed, but it’s fixed now. You can press Esc to get out of pause.


So I am marking this Resolved.