Toggle Pushback bug- removes joystick function

Tried my first static start from a gate. Engine off. Chose the Citation for IAH (Houston) airport. Started the engine. Exercised my joystick-all functions working. Flaps, elevators, ailerons all good. Hit SHIFT-b for toggling pushback. Nothing happens. Now the joystick can’t control anything. Moving it does nothing. Flaps, elevators, ailerons do not move. The engine continues to run but I am stuck. Is this a known issue? Thanks.

might be you pressed p instead of SHIFT+P per accident. So active pause is on and you can’t use the controls. Hit p again and active pause is disabled again.

It was SHIFT-p. I checked it several times. My active pause does work correctly, use that all the time. Thanks though.

Did you wait long enough? The pushback trucks/people take some time to start pushing back.
If you press shift+p again, do you still have no control?

Not sure how pushback was supposed to work. I didn’t ‘wait’. But I assumed that hitting SHIFT-p would initiate a sequence yet still allow the joystick to work. Is Pushback (shift-p) supposed to immediately disable the stick? I hit it several times, and at no time after the first did control return. It simply disabled the stick.

In most cases it takes time until the animation to connect the tug/pushback truck is done before the aircraft actually starts moving. You can’t control the direction of push using your stick, it’s only possible via the ATC menu.

Also don’t forget to release parking brakes since otherwise the pushback is very slow. :wink:

Tried another way. Just called GROUND and requested a pushback. That worked fine. So can someone explain what the option is to ‘toggle pushback’? Is that the same thing as talking to GROUND and requesting one? Again, when I hit SHIFT-P nothing happens, and my control stick is no longer able to control ailerons, elevators and flaps. It still works- I can toggle the cameras from inside to outside, and pan, but that’s it.

Requesting pushback via atc menu is the same as pressing shift+p.

Maybe you have a similar issue as these guys:

But for them pushback doesn’t work at all, so different to yours.

Again, you are not supposed to have any control during pushback. So pressing shift+p correctly disables control input.