Tokyo only generic building, people please check yours

Hey guys, I have no Tokyo photogrammetry as I don’t see those building in the demo as well, and no Tokyo tower, I have only generic buildings. I have no problem in New York to see the photogrammetry cities.

Me too!!!

Need help to reinstall, anyone knows how. some users also have this issues.

Did you install it from market place and restart the sim?

I installed it.But nothing changed

Same to me! Nomal bulding in Tokyo, no Tokyo Tower!

I had the same thing and had to restart the game twice after installing the World Update from the marketplace for the Tokyo Tower to show up. Before both restarts, I started a flight to look for the tower and deleted and re-actived my rolling cache, I’m not sure if those helped.

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This is the solution. No need to delete cache in my experience

Maybe you could chance your system language to English.I solve this problem by this method.

I deleted the cache, restarted the system several times, and system language is English, but nothing works.

control panel—clock and region- region-administrative-change system locale-current system loccale change to English(American) to solve this problem

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you are such a genies, it worked. Everyone, please follow this one.

Have a nice trip