Tomcat Tuesdays

One of the things I absolutely love is flying next to other jet fighters in the skies. I’m adding to my plane collection so often times I’ll be in a non default plane and see someone in a different non default plane but because I own the same plane they do, I’m able to see it as it’s supposed to be.

If you’re interested, this Tuesday I will be flying out of Mirimar airport(just north of San Diego Inl) in my F14 Tomcat.

I’d LOVE to see a bunch of fellow F14 Tomcat owners slicing the skies with me!
(I’ll be on usa server. I switch between East/West depending on traffic)

See you there!


I’ll look out for you!

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I just randomly flew into a fleet of randoms and then got an up close look at an F14 Tomcat.

Imagine how cool it’d be to have a fleet like in this video but instead of cessna’s they’re all F14’s flying low in between these mountains!

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I have the F-14, 15, and 22. I’m usually in the 15E these days. See ya in the skies! My handle is the same here, the sim, and Volanta. Look for me. I’m in the air 6-8 hours/day.


I think you are me.

The first “Tomcat Tuesday” is among us gentlemen!

I’m in my Tomcat currently over Miramar north of San Diego.

I’ll try to be in my F14 all day today.

I like to do simultaneous take offs.

To communicate to another person that you can see them in the skies, you can do things like turn your lights(L) on and off. On the ground you can move your rudders.

See ya’ll in the skies!

Sounds super fun i only have 2 jets but they are not tomcats :frowning: the aeromacchi and eurofighter

I would not be able to see your aeromacchi as it’s supposed to be as I don’t have one, but I do have a Eurofighter. Feel free to join in! If you use your Eurofighter and I see you, I’ll record it and post it so you can see how others see you in the skies :slight_smile:

Although perhaps having the first ever “Tomcat Tuesday” wasn’t such a good idea the same day an update drops.

Sorry I couldn’t make it today. Work and the update slowed me down. See ya next week(or just about any other time. I’m at 1900 hours)…


I don’t have the tomcat yet but where’s the pics ? Lol

No live players yesterday bc of the update. Therefore no pics or video done.

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I will join for the next one.

Bring that F-22!!!


I’ve downloaded it, but I’ve honestly never taken it out. Maybe tonight…

Which jet is more fun to fly in, Typhoon, F-14 or F-15? I’m on Xbox

It’s all personal preference. The Euro is fun for going from point A to point B in the fastest amount of time.

F15 accelerates quicker than both, and has a tighter turn radius.

The 14 just seems to be made closest to how it would fly in real life. It has a tighter turn radius than the Euro, and imo is the one where I have the most fun out of these 3.

However the FREE F22, I’ve actually been having the most fun with it. It’s just a basic model so there are things you’ll notice like no pilot model, cockpit buttons don’t all work, but in terms of the flight physics, arguably the most important aspect, the guys did a bang up job and my anticipation for the full version is at an all time high.


Comes with 4 versions as well.


2 Versions

Euro Fighter

1 Version

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Hi, thank you for the reply. The F-14 has the highest rating on the Marketplace among the 3. It is also quite expensive at $34.99. I do not see a F-22 in the Marketplace and was wondering how you got it. I have the Typhoon and will be purchasing the F-14 once multiplayer is fixed. Their servers had been down for the past 3 days. They claim everything is up and running now but the game crashes when I click on the yellow FLY button. I am on Xbox Series X.

Thanks again

I’m on pc, I don’t think you can download this for xbox but I’m pc illiterate so maybe you can.

The recent update appears to have broken the Eurofighter Typhoon.

  1. Can no longer turn off the landing lights from cockpit.

  2. Can no longer engage or disengage the speed break.

  3. 90 % of the time, game crashes on load screen once the yellow FLY button is pressed.

I read the most recent release notes many planes have received updates except for the Typhoon.

I am on Xbox Series X with the most recent updates installed

Can someone please confirm this?