Too bright - is it possible to mod an aircraft to have a darker windshield?

As the brightness slider did not come with WU6, I wondered if a partial workaround might be to copy an aircraft and tweak the windshield material values to provide a more accurate scenery image in VR, where we have zero software or hardware controls on the image.

I note that different aircraft currently do have different windshield colours. Does anyone with experience with the SDK know if this is possible / easy to do ? Thank you


I was wondering (wishing) the same thing yesterday. If you load up the TBM with the improvement mod from, the sun visor is functional. If you pull down the sun visor, suddenly the world appears, you can see the clouds, the horizon… but it is pretty dark (duh, its a sun visor)… but if it’s possible to place the same effect on the windshield but at about %40 intensity… that would be epic

I’ve been using this little app, which lets you create separate profiles for each game.
ScreenHunter_1113 Sep. 08 08.36

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It doesn’t work in VR though, does it? The other tools out there (like Ansel) can do wonders for the oversaturation in 2D, but have no VR integration

I can’t test it in VR, but I believe it doesn’t work.

I’m not aware of any software that works in VR, with the exception of virtual desktop which allows you to reduce gamma on quest 2 (I am currently running at 65% but it’s still not perfect and wondered if windshield edit might give more realistic effect)

Sorry, I hadn’t noticed that it was specifically talking about VR.

I may be onto a breakthrough here (for me anyhow… I’m way out of my league dealing with these images and alpha channels and all that)…

I was able to edit the windshield texture file for the TBM. I only did half of it but you can see the difference (this is a 2D screenshot, but same result in VR)… more tinkering to be done…

EDIT - A couple VR screenshots… copilot side (default)

Pilot side (“tinted”)


Nice !!

Some aircraft have multiple windows, maybe you could put different settings on them all and then can compare multiple values at the same time / same conditions ?

You ROCK! and are most definitely on to something. I fly exclusively in VR and despise the washed out super bright panels in my Reverb G2 (resolution is superb though)

For the life of me, I can’t think of any other device WITHOUT brightness, Gamma, saturation controls… Monitors, TV’s, Cellphones, etc etc. Anyway… I’ll be watching this space for progress. Thanks for your efforts.

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Can you tell me which file needs to be edited?

I don’t believe I have a solve for your question, but related to it, here are a few topics about this you might want to check out to see if you agree with:

I like the look of the TBM left window, it reminds me a little bit the look you’d get if wearing polarizing glasses.

What did you change in the texture? The alpha, the color, both?

I’ve got just the opposite problem. In the Cessna Longitude, the windshield view is TOO DARK. So i agree, there needs to be some way to control the lighting of the individual camera views. Given the number of complaints, i’m surprised this has not been fixed in an update by now.

Thanks, I have voted for all your suggestions. The windshield idea is of course not as good as having full adjustment or virtual sunglasses (with darker windshield then instruments and external camera types will not get the benefit) but I thought it might be something a talented user could actually deliver now as a temporary partial workaround ! And it looks like @NumberNumber481 is making good progress :+1:

It is not the only one problem though:

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For those reading this topic, in addition to those posted by Cpt Lucky above please could you also consider adding your votes or thoughts to the below wishlist suggestion to reduce autogen building brightness:

I don’t want my post to be misinterpreted: I’ve no other choice than using special “wording” to tell new users there exists topics about the very subject they are talking about, only because these are topics where users can vote and this is against the rules.

However I’m linking these topics with their content in the quote, not just the link, because I’m glad this experiment is showing exactly with screenshots what it could look like in just using the already existing rendering capabilities, which is exactly what I’m suggesting for the “sun glasses”,

In other words, sun glasses might seem like a very complex task or feature to code and add in the game, but my suggestion which is confirmed with this experiment shows it is merely displaying a textured quad covering the entire viewport with an adequate material only, which honestly isn’t a lot of code to implement either.


Anyone who knows how these files really work will laugh because I dont really know what I’m doing. I opened the windshield dds file in photoshop, telling it to “load the alpha as a channel” and then started playing with the file. At first I tried editing the alpha channel as I figured that would adjust the transparency, but that did not seem to make any difference. So I just picked a medium grey color and started drawing over the image. Low and behold, it was represented as a tinting in the sim. Once I figured that out, I more cleanly only painted over one of the windscreens in the file and thats the screenshot you see above. I have since applied the coloring to the entire image and turned it into a loadable “addon” type file. Once I get a chance here shortly to make sure its still working (just finished helping kids with homework and dinner duty!), I’ll see about posting it somewhere for others to try.

On a side note, I tried the same approach on the Asobo Husky and did not get the same results. Editing the only image I could find with anything to do with a windshield only affected the outside-in rendering… no effect sitting in the cockpit. This leads me to believe that they are just using the default “glass” texture that is probably burried in the protected portion of the sim installation.

Lots more testing with other aircraft to come.


Indeed the longitude has the most extreme windshield tinting I can remember from the default aircraft, and its files might be an interesting one to look at for those who are experimenting with this.

I am wondering if different combinations of glass colours opacities etc can produce a more natural effect than the longitude for instance, but I am probably hoping too much from a simple windshield :joy: I really hope we can soon get proper control of brightness/colour/sharpness etc such as described in the above linked topics

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