Too bright - is it possible to mod an aircraft to have a darker windshield?

Well I’m stumped… clearly my (lack of) knowledge of the properties of the texture files is at fault.

The TBM is easy…and makes some level of sense. Theres an alpha channel which controls the transparency. If you overlay the image with a shade of black/white it will affect the transperancy in the sim. As seen below, the right side is slightly darker (as it should be since its a slightly lighter grey in the texture file, and the squiggly line shows up as completely opeaque in the sim, as it should since it is pure white in the texture file.

Thats where it stops being easy. Most other planes seem to rely on the default glass textures located in /official/onestore/fs-base/texture/glass. I found that I was able to create a basic mod which loads those default textures into the aircraft and edit them but regardless of what I do to the file, overlay colors, alpha channel, etc… the effects are extremely muted as compared to the TBM windshield… for example:

Either I am not understanding the proper way to edit these files (which is probably true), or there is yet another texture file that I havent found which it is using…

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I just wanted to let you know I’m following this thread and hoping you figure it out. I’m rooting for you! That left-side of the TBM glass says it all. It’s just too bright in VR. When I fly I try to always get the sun at my back for just this reason. Even with that, it’s still too bright and of course it’s not always possible. So I’m rooting for you. :sunglasses:

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Me too! I also have this issue (on the rare occasion that I get as far as flying…)

Not that I am one but I’m sure any real pilot can tell you just how blinding a cockpit environment can be.

Mind you being sat in the dark wearing sunglasses while simming might raise the odd question regarding your sanity … so don’t :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Especially if you’re also wearing a VR HMD :rofl:

At my lowest moment I actually tried it but it didn’t fit :joy:

I since found some users do fly with sunglasses inside a headset though:

In case it helps anyone, I found this modification which makes the sea/water darker :

I have still been unable to get anything resembling tint for any of the aircraft that rely on the base glass texture files (which appears to be nearly every aircraft)… That said, I whipped up this mod for the TBM so others can have a look and see what they think…

Hi I installed the mod but for some reason the aircraft is not showing up in game, would you have any idea why ? Thank you

EDIT - I can see that it is available for selection in the dev mode aircraft selector, I just didn’t have it in the main menu for some reason

They should show up as additional liveries for the default TBM. Not separate aircraft

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