Too loud A320neo engine sound

I found that A320neo’s engine sound is too loud after SU7, especially throttle in idle.
Why this game appears so many bugs after and after…

First I heard of this…

When was the last time you were in a NEO?


If you feel that the engine sound is too loud, you can reduce the volume of the engine sound by going to your General Options → Sound settings and use the volume slider there until you feel the engine volume is at an acceptable level.

Alternatively, you can also reduce the volume through the windows volume control. Just slide the volume slider to the left, and that should also reduce the engine noise in MSFS.

Another alternative is reducing the volume in your speakers/headphones as well.

Sorry but I’m not talking about volume settings. I noticed that suddenly starts a big noise like afterburner as soon as engine started and didn’t hear it until SU6.
I captured video and see from 0:30. Is this sound correct?

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I’ve noticed it too flying the default A320 before and after SU7. Not sure if the new engine sound is deliberate or not. But if not, it’s a minor bug relative to other, bigger issues going on right now but it’s there.

Move the camera, you’re behind the plane you are hearing the wind from the jet wash.

But yeah it’s probably a bug with this wind sound system.

Ohh that sound. I think it’s a bug coming from SU7. I use the External Cam as a default camera, so that when I press ready to fly, I would be outside. I can still hear the jet engine spooling down for a second, but after that it’s just as silent as before. I would assume it happens to all aircrafts in the sim when you start. Kinda like it’s on ON state for a bit, then realised it’s on cold and dark so everything gets turned off as soon as you press Ready to Fly.

I think it’s a minor bug. As long as you set your external cam as default, you won’t get as annoyed.

I am on the Xbox and have noticed this as well since SU7. I would compare the sound to the reversers Bering engaged, sounds worse on startup and idle. Hopefully it will get fixed

Alright I found old addon aircraft that contains previous A320 sound file and replaced by it, solved.
I disgusted with forced update the game with lots of bugs and glitches. Do they really testing the game before releasing update patch even 5 minutes?

I think I’m getting this but I’m not using any addons, just stock MSFS 2020 from Steam.

At idle the engines or wind is roaring loud like it’s at 100%, but if I put a little bit of throttle it goes quiet from the cockpit view, inside the plane.

Yea it’s definitely a bug. I have same issue on Xbox but there is not work around for Xbox users….seems they changed the sound file making it sound like the reversers are on at idle/startup


100% agree, at least for XBOX. I also have no other airplanes installed (unfortunately, would love having a FBW A320).
So please Asobo, fix this horrible sounds at idle.

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The sound always was like a real Airbus and just PERFECT (even that iconic “brrrrrrrr” compression sound at full thrust was there) - this is definately a bug. Now it sounds like on full thrust reverse or having some kind of afterburner at idle.

Does anyone know if this has been fixed yet / scheduled?

Yes its defo annoying I raised this a while ago. If you watch the engine gauges it starts roaring on fuel ignition, so its made to be there but it needs putting back to how it was. Spoiled my engine starts. Solution is great if you know how to do it!