Too many limitations in bush trips

Why are there so many limitations in bush trips (even with third party paid and free ones)?
I just want to fly and enjoy the scenery in the aircraft of my choosing and turn on AP if I want to.
That is something that is making me not wanting to fly bush trips.
I know I can enter the aircraft name in the .flt file, but it is a pain and sometimes the trip gets corrupted and I have to erase everything and start from zero.

Is there an addon to bypass these limitations or at least let me select the aircraft I want to use? Or, is it possible to make such addon?

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Take the .pln file for the bush trip and copy it.
Paste it in the “Local State” folder.
Go to the World Map, select your aircraft, load the plan.

Yes, I’ve done that, but then I loose the legs. If I want to fly in legs, I have to edit the plan every time (while in bush trips I can continue where I left off). I also loose the nav log descriptions. I just need to select the aircraft I want as a native or addon solution. Editing the .flt in Asobo bush trips brings crashes to the trip.

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I not sure how well the save function works, but have you tried that when you land after a leg?

Yes… it doesn’t work as expected.

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I haven´t tried it myself, but did you try this tool?

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The bush trips are a joke. There was no effort put into them and they should be removed until they’re fixed and properly tested. There’s no other game (yes game don’t @ me) that gets away with this.

I will try it, so far it seems to work with missions in the community folder… but I will test it anyway… thank you!

It works with the Asobo bush trips… I will test it tonight…

I converted all the bush trips to pdf you can follow along on a 2nd screen or mobile and flight plan for each leg to load on the world map. You can try it out [Release] Bush Trip Navlog PDF + LittleNavMap with POI


Thank you for this!

My guess is they are making the accomplishment worth something. Hand flying, trying diff airplanes, etc.

Honestly I’m so busy trying to decipher the instructions that a lot of time I don’t get to see much anyway.

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