Toolbar broken in VR

My FS2020 is completely broken after this update.
I started it and activated the VR, with the consequence of forcing myself to use Oculus touch that I don’t want to use.
I have a Hotas Warthog with a pendular rudder, and I don’t want to use any other controler.
Why does it add these Oculus controllers that I don’t want, and especially which destroys what used to work well before.
There is no longer the possibility of touching the tool bar, nor of closing the panels in the game, it is no longer possible to rotate the world map, the mouse is completely broken.
Even with the mouse set by default, nothing works.
I spent my entire evening trying to get the game to work, never seen an update as bad as this.
Unbelievable !

And they still haven’t added a drop-down menu to select the profile to use in the devices, when you have a profile by plane and you have to switch from one profile to another in 3 devices (Joystick, throttle and rudder) , it is very painful to click 25 times on each arrow to find the desired profile and that in each of the 3 devices.

I hope that they will quickly fix this, and especially allow us to deactivate the VR controllers when we do not want to use them.

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The sad part is they knew about this as its in the release notes that it doesnt work but still released it so there is no way they are going to rollback as they were clearly happy with the issue.


I had the same issues…but in the new jet…I had some action on the MFD…NO RYHME or reason though

2.5 hours to download a update that totally ■■■■■ up my perfectly running sim

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Same frustration here. Oculus Touch Controller is added.
I’m using the Logitech Throttle Quadrant and Rudder Pedals. Before the update it was working awesome in VR.
But now, Right after an update, I have issues with the Throttle Quadrant. It works and then suddenly stops responding. Even though the game sees it and power light on Quadrant is always on.

While this is no real consolation for GA fliers, with airliners it is possible to activate the toolbar and interact with the panels while in VR under a very narrow set of conditions.

This at least allows for IFR flights under VR using ATC etc.

If you change views to one of the showcase “fixed” views, the views that put you inside the aircraft overlooking a wing or an engine, as if you were a passenger, then from that view point it is possible to both activate the toolbar while in VR and interact with the panels.

Note: In this view point you would also have to close the panel again before reverting to cockpit view as the panel will remain on the screen and become un-interactable with once again.

It is enough of a workaround to keep me using VR for airline flights.

GA aircraft, to the best of my knowledge, have no such fixed views that are inside the aircraft and so this workaround won’t work for them.

(Note: I can’t claim credit for this discovery- someone else found it)

Update: This method might be more useful:

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View 0, aka CTRL-0, usually same as default

Toolbar works
Do not reset view, stay in view 0 if you wanna interact (GTN) or move windows around

Its quite funny, this issue…

As a coder myself, this reminds me of a very similar issue I was facing when creating a VR interface with dual interaction scripts, mixing a VR controller raycast and a custom VR mouse raycast on the same canvas space. Turned out its quite a common problem with mesh/box colliders being blocked by a incorrectly assigned layer on top, which prevents the raycast to execute a hover-detection or/and an onclick action.

Kind of a “beginners mistake”… On the other hand, it’s very simple to solve that (at least in Unity), so I suspect we will se a hotfix anytime.


I found another workaround.

You can do everything with the center of your head.

The tricky part is to find out where this freaking center is.

There is a way for Xbox one controllers (and all controllers if you bind them the same way):

  1. Move the mouse to make the cursor appear.
  2. Move the left stick to make the white dot appear.
  3. Move your head over what you want to use and press B to validate.
    You can grab a window and move it around with your head.
    You can resize a window by grabbing the side/corner and by moving your head.
    You can also lock to an instrument with B. Use the right stick to change its setting. Press A to unlock.

The annoying thing is that the white dot disappears after a few seconds.
If you manage to highlight an instrument without the white dot, pressing B then A will make the white dot reappear, still for a few seconds.

For the VFR map, you can still use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out.

→ I actually like using the center of my head for using instruments but it’s buggy: We need a proper bind to activate/deactivate the white dot. Right now, moving your head around will highlight instruments all the time, quite annoying.

VR controllers is a big no no in its current state.

Excellent tip, mate and +1 to what BufordTX said.

This works especially well with the CTRL-0 “fixed” view (“toggle instrument view 10”), which you can hit from the default view without having to change what you’re seeing.

This led me to even more workarounds that work surprisingly well:

  • Fixed view rotation - If you’re fond of using CTRL-1, CTRL-2, etc. to move between VR views, simply use CTRL-0 instead of toggling back to default and toolbar/panel clicks work.

  • Custom view rotation - If you’re like me and you prefer “custom” views (ALT-1, ALT-2, etc.), simply hit CTRL-0 after the custom view command and toolbar/panel clicks work.

  • For convenience, bind CTRL-0 (“Toggle Instrument View 10”) to a joystick or xbox controller button and press it whenever you want toolbar/panel clicks to work.

  • For ultimate convenience, use a controller button programmer (e.g. reWASD) to add CTRL-0s to your custom and reset view commands. then hit reset when you start your flight.

FWIW, I actually prefer tacking on the CTRL-0s because when you do, the view arrows pan the view, so you move your “body” with the view arrows and your “head” with your head.

This works so well, I may even keep it this way after they give us a hot fix.


I am having the same issue. I was looking forward to playing MSFS with the new VR controller integration, but I can’t play like it is. I have wasted two hours after work :frowning:

@BufordTX Great tip!
Works for GA aircraft as well :+1:

@BigglesCamel I just noticed you posted the same tip previously and missed it. Thanks!

Same issue! Very frustrating!

No Mouse control (left-button) - No Map navigation, VR borked… mouse issues abound

I have been able to open MSFS 2020 SU6 without a mandatory update notification preventing me from continuing. However I see in the Microsoft Store the update is waiting for me to upload to SU7 version. I too am a ritual VR user (once you start you never go back).

Question: Should I update or keep playing in SU6 mode? (bearing in mind SU6 still contains numerous issues that require fixes)

Stick with 6! 7 is borked

What do you mean by “add a Ctrl-0 to each ALT view”? As it is now Ctrl-0 looks out the right window.

i have joystick buttons for ALT 2 & 3 to “lean in” to some saved views and use Space to reset vr view.

Because it is the most requested feature on the VR wish list (e.g. see today’s dev blog)… Why is it the number one requested VR item? I have no effing clue. I’m trying my best to find anything useful about VR controllers, so far no joy I’m afraid to have to admit…

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The Control-0 trick works