Toolbar disappeared again after loading saved game

How can this be years old topic and still happening?

Agreed @dusopn – I just discovered the bug today and found this post, and I can’t believe MS has neglected such a simple bug for so long! I had a 5 leg flight plan that I really wanted to continue in the morning but it won’t let me so now I have to start over :confused:


I am not sure if the lack of attention from Asobo is caused by not many people using the save/load feature, and its just a few people like us who just need the “persistent world” feeling from the sim?

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Also I wonder if this could be narrowed down to common variables - I am using head tracking, saitek hotas, all my overlays like nvidia and steam are off, I have G-Sync monitor. Anything you have?

That’s incredible!!!
After 10 updates this stupid bug is still there!!!
Am I the only one that leave the aircraft in an airport and want to find it in the same position the next time i load the sim???

Just bought a brand new Series X last week. A fresh install of flight Sim/all updates downloaded in one go (how awful that was :persevere:) and still THE TOOLBAR IS MISSING AFTER LOADING A SAVED FLIGHT! A YEAR LATER AND THE INCOMPETENT PROGRAMMERS AT Asobo STILL PLAY THE CYBERPUNK VICTIM CARD!

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