Toolbar does not respond on interaction

Dear all,
I am flying FS2020 in VR with the Pimax 8KX. So far it works fine - still when I open the toolbar I cannot click on any items and cannot close it. The mouse indicator highlights the “X” to close, but on click there is no reaction. I can still change view (Cockpit/External) or open even more toolbar windows - but cannot close them or interact… Any ideas?

I have also encountered the same problem.

I have just discovered the same problem in 2D and VR (HP G2)

PS Turns out developer mode disables the on screen menu

PPS Not that simple. Got the menus to start working (once) by turning off dev mode.
Not repeatable so something else is interfering with them.

I mapped a button for VR to toggle toolbar. It doesn’t give the full toolbar but one of (most recent?) menu items. It also disabled my flight controls and the mouse wouldn’t close the menu item. Clicking my button again restored aircraft control and enabled the mouse to close the window. Can’t get the toolbar properly though - I’m sure it worked with default tab in VR.

I just started noticing that in VR. I have toolbar linked to Tab key on keyboard . It always opens up to fuel menu ( I’m trying to change weather ) and won’t let me “x” out of fuel unless I close out of toolbar and can’t open weather unless I go out of VR.

Same problem here.

Is there a solution for this Tool bar problem? Experiencing the same thing can’t close or select anything.

I am new to VR this week, and am having the same problem. The toolbar menu opens, but it does not respond to my selecting any of the menu items. Keyboard commands do work, but that’s a real hassle when you’re wearing a VR headset.

Does anyone know if this is now an issue formally raised with Asobo? I’m not sure how that works

Is it working since the update? They said they looked at it in release notes but I don’t see it any different in sim.

This just started happening with me. I play on controller but I use my mouse to control the toolbar. Some of the toolbar menus have opened on their own and now for some reason I cannot click with my mouse to close them. Not really sure what to do.

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