Toolbar - Handle Bar - Flight Menu (triangle) will not disappear

Until this is fixed you can hide it with this mod: No Handle Bar » Microsoft Flight Simulator


Can confirm. Thanks @FlyingCookie650 for reporting. This is going to annoy a lot of people :frowning:

Please make this optional. Allow people to fully enable or disable it.


Okay so I just tried that and it works! Thanks a lot!

Still we shouldn’t be needing a mod just for such simple, basic user experience stuff. Looking at the files it seems so simple and should take half an hour for the core sim devs to add some options to enable/disable it without requiring users to download a mod.


I used the same mod, and I think I will keep it, even if the problem is solved.

But this is another example that testing is still not taken seriously at Asobo. It’s such an obvious bug, noticable in the first minute of flying! Do the devs ever use the sim themselves???

(sorry for the rant… for the biggest part they have done a really amazing job, but the quality issues are just too many. It’s a shame all the great things they have achieved are outweighed by the countless bugs and issues users are experiencing)


I agree it shouldn’t need an addon or mod to reset it back to how it used to be. Is it a bug or a change on purpose?
First rule of software development should always be: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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At the top centre of the screen when flying you get a small white horizontal line with a little triangle which opens up when you move the mouse to it, as expected. Before the update the small line disappeared a few seconds after the mouse was moved away from it. However since the update the line remains visible all the time. How do I get it to disappear until my mouse is move to the correct position??

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I think i’ve seen it elsewhere that if you press your down arrow key on keyboard the dropdown tab disappears.

Apologies, just tried it tonight and Tab disappears it

No mention of this being fixed in the upcoming hotfix.

Glad I’m not going crazy. Definitely hoping this gets addressed soon because seeing that thing all the time is kinda like having windowed mode on. Just takes away from the immersion a little bit.

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How do I report the arrow thing not disappearing?

That’s what I was advised if you have vr, i haven’t and it doesn’t work for me. You have vr?

Hi Roy, apologies, try Tab key.

Thanks but it does’nt work. I’ve seen many with same problem. Just have to wait and hope they fix it.

The official bug report mechanism is “ZenDesk”, which you can reach by clicking on “Support” at the top of the page.

Asobo also tracks, without interaction, posts here on this forum board, in the Bugs and Issues section specifically, but they also read the other forums. They do not respond here, though. But, typically we do get general responses in the Developer Q&A sessions with Jorg and Seb and Martial from Microsoft and Asobo.

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This is still present after the latest hotfix.

In addition to it not going away ( which can be temp fixed on PC by pressing any Arrow key )

There should be an option for it to NEVER come up anytime you touch the mouse. It’s a killer for anyone taking video and screens, and just breaks immersion in general. IDK why they didn’t implement it like the File Menu Bar in FSX/P3D ( long-press ALT to show/hide )

I finally grabbed the “no handlebar” mod from - and it’s heaven. This is how Asobo should have implemented it from the beginning.

I’d seen people complaining about the spin-y load circle in the bottom corner as well, and agree, esp for content creators, that it should go away as well. It’s not really that useful, and can easily ruin someone’s video capture.


I know we shouldn’t have to but I use a mod to get rid of it displaying:


Considering the incredible level of immersion Asobo created with this sim this constantly annoying glitch makes absolutely no sense.

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