Toolbar Menu Bug ? VR since latest update

Since I updated today, I am unable to selct the Toolbar Menu from within VR. It works fine in 2D mode!!
Any one else have this issue?

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nope, works for me.

OK, thankyou for the quick reply. Ill keep troubleshooting :smile:

All working. Always good to try the good old reboot !!!


I have just taken delivery of the Varjo Aero. I am now experiencing exactly the same problem. I cannot access the toolbar in VR at all…

Have you resolved this?


I have the same problem with my Varjo Aero

You just have to keep trying until the focus catches?

I updated the UI scale to the max value and it helps considerably. At default scale it’s unusable. With that additional resolution it must me maddening to get the menu in focus.

I’m still having this issue with my G2. Thought it was reported fixed at the last update. When the toolbar is active, I have no cursor, so can’t interact with it.

Same here. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but the bug is definitely still there.

This happened to me a few days ago where I lost my Toolbar in my Odyssey O+.

Then yesterday while trying to tackle a different issue (trying to get rid of annoying white dot) I somehow got the Toolbar back up in the headset… The only setting that I can think of that I changed that may have made the Toolbar come back was in switching on the Home Cockpit Setting in General Options. Not sure if that was the trick but the Toolbar now comes up again.

Hi all! I am a new kid, before I had the toolbar with the interior view of the cockpit, now it is rendered only when I put in exterior view, no way to put it inside. Can anyone help me? Thank you! (DinoPilot)

Bonjour à Tous! Je suis un petit nouveau, avant j’avais la barre d’outils avec la vue intérieure du cockpit, maintenant elle est rendue seulement quand je met en vue extérieure, pas moyen de la remettre à l’intérieur. Quelqu un peut il m’aider? Merci! (DinoPilot)

Thank you all for your quick comments! See you!

Merci à Tous pour vos commentaires si rapides! A plus!

Hi Everyone

I still cant access toolbar and mouse cursor doesn’t click on cockpit controls-or enter vr without hitting CTR 0 first. Others have said this bug was fixed in last update, but I’m still experiencing it.

Great to hear that some others have the same issue. For me the toolbar sometimes shows up in VR sometimes not. I played a little bit around with the key assignment on my honeycumb assigning “Toggle Toolbar” and “Toggle toolbar VR” to the same button. really wired sometimes it works sometimes not.

Hi, Can you explain where exactly this setting is? I can 't find it in “General Options”. Screenshot?
Thank you

The UI scale function is in the ‘Accessibility’ section of General.

Yes, that’s it. I find it makes it easier anyway.

Camera position also seems to play a role. If it’s too close in virtual space it causes some menu difficulties.

Sometimes I lean/sit back if the mouse is being fussy.

I’ve come to dislike the toolbar and menus enough I try to avoid them, popout windows and tooltips when possible and use just what’s native to the airplane. The NXi can be surprisingly helpful.

I’ve heard some 3rd party airplanes have virtual tablets? That may be a better overall UX process than the current native menu system.

Hi Everyone,i downloaded "Australia Up Dates Vll in my xbox,it’s Wittgenstein than it is install but i dont Know how to get it working! Please,is there annonce Kind enough to guide me to get to it!
Thank You ahead! Dinopilot8860

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I bought the “Vaissel scenery” It is downloaded,i go in my manager content,it is there,i press on A ,a hook appears on the lefthand side of it,what do i have to do next,i tryed everything,i just can’t get it going?