Toolbar popup window

i had tried something with the window mode. now my cam window is gone and my atc window is off the screen. I can’t move it anymore does anyone have any advice ??? Maybe I can reset the popup window. Please help!

Same problem here. Would be great to get some help. My ATC window moved too high in the window and now I cannot move it anymore. This is really annoying. Closing does not help because when I re-open, it appears in the same spot.

I found the solution. Just uninstall the app and reinstall it via the Microsoft Store. then everything is reset.

Thank you, but that is not exactly the solution I was looking for. I don’t want to re-install the app every time a window goes astray.

But I did some more digging and found the solution. In the menu bar, in the options tab all the way on the right there is a button to reset all panels.

That is very interesting. I also looked for hours and couldn’t come up with a solution. But I don’t find the option. Where is it exactly?

In German, but I guess it should be clear…

Na das ist natürlich super! Hab alles durchsucht, aber das habe ich übersehen. Aber vielen Dank! Jetzt weiß ich es!