Toolbar Pushback features now "Pushback Pre-Planning"

Toolbar Pushback features now “Pushback Pre-Planning”. So the pushback tug pushes you automatically and you can do your checklists without moving your aircraft manually. This is like “Better Pushback” in X-Plane. Great!


This is a great addon!


Awesome addition and nice it’s fixed for SU8.

Side note, if you have the no handlebar add on installed it seems to conflict with this one.

AmbitiousPilots is looking into it.


What do you do when there is no tug available at the gate? I’ve tried 2 different gates at Heathrow (InBuilds) and no tug was available. In fact no luggage or catering either. How can we tell what gate at airports will have a tug? is this sim dependant or airport scenery creator dependant ?

It seems like it is only working with a Tug being available. But I think the developer is working on it. Otherwise we need to wait for Asobo to fix this, but as we know, this can take a while.

It would seem it does indeed conflict with the Kitfox pro sceneries but otherwise it’s fantastic to have this working. The tug looks a bit odd at times but still I will take it.

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Nope :wink:

Pre-plan pushback
Press enter

click request pushback → click release parking breake → click hold


Which gates?

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@skypilotYTS yes, the next update will contain a fix.

@FORDO2488 The availability of ground services is purely controlled by each airport itself. Also, there is a known bug in the sim that sometimes prevents custom third party airports from spawning certain elements like jetways or ground vehicles. Try the service buttons in Toolbar Pushback, if nothing spawns, the requested service is not available.

@AleksTheBird Thanks for the shout out :slightly_smiling_face: Just make sure to release the parking brake and press “HOLD” to start the pushback. Reason you might’ve missed this is that if there’s no tug available, the Interactive Pushback Audio is automatically disabled, thus not giving you the audio instructions.

@KWAiRT Thanks for sharing the info. What do you mean with the tug looks odd at times?

@TenPatrol Thank you for the assist :+1:


Oh I just meant how the tug will drive sideways or looks desynced. I just assumed work in progress anyways.