Top 10 Wants

  1. Xbox Series X support
  2. VR for Xbox Series X
  3. Hotas for Xbox Series X
  4. Military aircraft
  5. Military helicopters
  6. Dual / co-op cockpits
  7. Missions + Campaigns
  8. Career mode
  9. Full training for all of the above
  10. AI - ATC, aircraft, ground vehicles, people

:eyes: Someone needs to play DCS

  1. Carrer mode
  2. Co-pilot multiplayer
  3. Liveries
  4. More liners
  5. ATC in multiplayer (hear to Other)
  6. collision mode multiplayer

And that’s it for me, the game is already very impressive out of the box. Let’s wait a few month for updates.

What I want to see first is making the sim work as good as it looks. After that, we can add more stuff.


You’d be amazed how many DCS videos I’ve watched since MSFS reared its head… BUT… those landscapes do look like something from a 10 year old sim… :disappointed:

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Ahhh liveries and multiplayer ATC, nice…

The “10 year update roadmap” should hopefully keep us both happy.

I mean it’s been out since 2008

I would wish they would make it possible for everyone to download, install and play the game without crash to desktop in the first place. Make it possible to run it with reasonable fps. (Happy all of this works for me)

But next priority would be the plentituded of missing details and essentials (all not aircraft or graphics or scenery related but rather very basic stuff in the user interface) which no addon or third party aircraft can solve. (see my posts in the wishlist and my replies to other great ideas from diffeerent users).

Until those are solved we will have to do bush flying and ga forever :confused:

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And it kinda looks it unfortunately. :disappointed: I guess for the time being I will simply have to fly for the pure joy of flying. :slightly_smiling_face: Or at least I will do once they do items 1-3 on my list, hopefully for Christmas… :wink: Just the thought of flying in MSFS with a brand-new cutting-edge best-in-class MS-developed VR helmet… wow…

Yes, a career mode like “FsPassengersX” and animations like “GSX Ground Services X” -Animations on the boarding gates (the wheels do not move)
-I am not yet playing are there shooting stars?
-And especially (for me) UFOs; I saw movies from area 51, but no UFOs (like in the AEROSOFT LAS VEGAS version) Making “weird” buildings …
-And why not also add them on our flight paths to scare us. … :smirk:

Hi there,
When this Wishlist topic was created, there was no voting in this category. When voting was introduced, it became necessary for there to be one topic per request, and one request per topic. This topic is being closed because it contains 10 distinct items.

I have a few comments for these:

This is planned. No release date as of yet.

I am not sure if this is a request for there to be more HOTAS hardware for Xbox, but as of right now, no announcement has been made on this. However, I cannot imagine that they would not be supported.

There is a Wishlist topic for this:

There is a Wishlist topic for this:

There is a Wishlist topic for this:

There is a Wishlist topic for this:

There are a few topics using tag:training

The development team has discussed improved ATC in the future.
You can search for AI aircraft topics here. There are a few.
Vehicles: tag:ground-services