Top 5 favourite aircraft to fly in MSFS2020?

(5) JMB VL-3 (including mods such as the Rotax 915 and GotGravel Vertigo) - lightweight and easy to land in tight spots, but also decent cross-country performance.

(4) A tie between the JustFlight Piper Arrow III and the Carenado Piper Seneca V - both just have a comfortable, friendly, familiar look and feel.

(3) Citation CJ4 (with the Working Title mod) - perfect for “by the book” IFR trips at airliner speeds and altitudes, above the weather.

(2) EMB-110 Bandeirante - the fastest steam-gauge twin prop currently available, and feels relatively light for its size and easy to fly by hand (and is unpressurized so you have an excuse to fly low), so it’s good for taking charter groups on VFR adventure tours.

(1) Top Rudder 103 Solo - the easiest to fly slow and explore detailed local areas, and also very entertaining in windy conditions.

5 A320nx- For IFR flight while I’m reading a book or watch Netflix
4 Cessna 208b- Short/- midrange allrounder
3 Extra 330lt (mod by PaulFalke)- well, fun?? XD
2 X Cub (mod by Bush league legends) or Carbon Cub (mod by GotGravel)- Sightseeing VFR with or without Autopilot
1 Milviz Corsair- Loved that plane since I saw it the first time in RL. Sounds are nice, good performance in speed and maneuverability and the thrill to fly a warbird whose engine wants to kill its own pilot, if its not treated with love XD

Yes, GA is boring. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have no top 5 yet. This will be my plane:

  1. A340-300

  2. A330-300

  3. A321neo

  4. A320neo

  5. A330neo

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  1. CRJ 550/700 - Short European Hops.
  2. P-34 Seneca V - Regional flights
  3. TBM930 - European hopping
  4. C206 Caravan - Bushtrips
  5. 787 - Long haul
  1. JF Arrow
  2. Carenado Mooney
  3. Grravel Savage Cub
  4. Cessna 172 Classic
  5. Carenado Seminole
  1. JustFlight Arrow III
  2. CRJ 700
  3. Carenado Seneca V
  4. Carenado Waco YMF5
  5. MB-339
    special mention: Top Rudder Solo 103


  1. JustFlight Piper PA28R Arrow III
    everything about it just feels right

  2. FlyInside Bell 47G
    Something completely different and I prefer it to the Airbus

  3. Big Radials P-40 Warhawk
    slightly behind the Spitfire and the Corsair at the moment. Always thought it was an underrated plane.

  4. Carenado Mooney M20R Ovation
    It’s like an old friend ever since FS2000. Fun to fly and good get somewhere a little faster than in an Arrow

  5. NextGen EMB-110 Bandeirante
    Only interesting twin-engine passenger aircraft.

  6. MB-339
    I know … only 5, but I have to include it because it’s so much fun to zoom around in it occasionally and it’s also a very pretty plane :slight_smile:

Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan

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  1. FBW A32NX - long hops
  2. TBM with WT G3000 - shorter hops into small / regional fields.
  3. WT CJ4 - mid hops
  4. C172 Default - used for Vatsim PPL (hardly use it anymore, mainly as the leaning is not done realistically among other things. )
  5. none

I find them boring too, I don’t know why I get bored and end up trying to land on a highway or something. I can however do full IFR flights in airliners and it’s not boring.

Hmmm… where can I find the A340-300?

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IFX developing A340-300 and A330-300

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I’ve only got around 70 hours in the sim, but so far …

5: F-15: I know, I know…Controversial. I think the aircraft is a lot of fun and can’t wait for the update to hit the marketplace. I love the range and speed.

4: M339: Easy to fly and fun. I wish it had a little more range and less fuel consumption.

3: Spitfire: So much fun to fly and challenging on landing/takeoff.

2: Mooney M20R: Great fun and pretty quick.

1: Vertigo: Great range, great speed, easy to fly, amazing cockpit.

Honorable mentions: G91, TBM, and XCub.

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  1. Bleriot XI - Flying machine for magnificent men. A definition of “Visual Flying”. :wink:
  2. FBW A32NX
  3. CRJ 700
  4. MilViz FG-1D Corsair
    These three are closest things we have to “study level” at the moment
  5. E-110 Bandierante - great commuter for flying in small airstrips.

TBM (for longer hauls or icing conditions)
Steam C172

In no particular order;
-CRJ for IFR flying (was the CJ4 before)
-103 solo for VR flying
-SR22 for quick VFR flights
-Bleriot XI for awesome screenshots and challenges
-C172 steam gauge for slower VFR flights.

Just Flight Piper Arrow III
Mooney M20R Ovation
Cessna C172 “Classic” (Steam Gauges)
Piper Seneca V
TBM 930

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Just flight Arrow
Carenado Seneca V
Black box Islander
Carenado Mooney
TBM 930

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