Top bar arrow not disappearing

Since SU5 the arrow at the top of the screen (was already annoying that it pops up whenever you move the mouse), now doesnt disappear at all !! Id really rather NOT burn a big white arrow into the top of my $2000 monitor !!

When I first played SU5 there were so many things, so many changes to get a handle on, I found myself overwhelmed with disappointment. This is just another item on the long, long list of things that have chaged for the worse since SU5. Thanks for pointing this one out.

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See Toolbar - Handle Bar - Flight Menu (triangle) will not disappear

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So, as always with this Sim, download 3rd party mod to make it act properly, really getting at the end of my patience with this, regret sinking so much money into it tbh. Cheers for the solution :wink:


Thanks for reporting! Closing as a duplicate of: Toolbar - Handle Bar - Flight Menu (triangle) will not disappear. Feel free to continue over there.

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