Top end PC with mediocre performance

I just got a new PC with a 4090 and i9-13900k. But it seems that msfs is hardly utilizing any of that power and giving me mediocre frame rates compared to what I’ve seen others achieve. Even when I l change settings to the very lowest I’m not even getting up to my monitors refresh rate of 100 or my Vive’s 90.
Control panel shows not much is being used at all and computer is not even breaking a sweat.
Any help in figuring out what might be the issue would be greatly appreciated. Here are some screenshots of using the low settings and the high settings.

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I should also mention that DLSS doesn’t seem to change anything at all.
Edit: I just ran some 3DMark tests and everything seems to be working fine and results are the same as others with exact hardware. So I’m not sure why MSFS is not giving good results and why changing in-game settings don’t affect much at all. For example, whether LOD is 10 or 200 doesn’t make much of a frame rate difference.

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Can you find a way to post higher resolution images? The forum compresses these images, so it’s hard to see the smaller text.

I have a similar system as you, so I can try to help compare performance. Be careful comparing against others, as they may have a different resolution and other settings. However, I think it’s unrealistic to expect MSFS to run 100 fps, especially with VR.

Hopefully these cropped ones are more readable (high frame rate is running game at lowest settings while on HTC vive original with steam 150% super sampling). I think the issue I’m having, or getting confused about is that it feels like the computer is hardly trying at all to improve framerates. Like when everything is in the green I thought it would increase the framerate. Issue appears to be CPU as changing most settings don’t do much at all with the exception of the LOD. And even if I put that to 10 it doesn’t create the performance boost you would expect. I think I’m fine with not getting insane framerates if that is the norm but the reason for me looking into this is that VR kind of feels more prone to stutter than my old GTX1080 rig from 2016 lol, specifically when I tilt or slide my head left or right (rotating is much smoother). Many thanks in advance for any advice on this :slight_smile:
Screenshot (1) - Copy
Above is how it is outside menu. Below is lowest settings for that

Screenshot (3) - Copy

In task manager, set it to show your individual logical cores, not the one consolidated CPU load percentage.

What you may see is that there are a limited number of logical cores that are the ultimate bottleneck, while others idle, which is typically the case with MSFS.

Yeah looked like one was full, slowly moved to other core.

If this all looks normal apologies for the post. I wasn’t aware and kind of shocked at how much this sim is limited by cpu and how settings can’t improve it much. I expected the Vive to handle 90fps no worries with newest cpu (buyer beware!). Sorry idiot question probably but will higher res monitors or VR headsets add much to the cpu bottleneck or just gpu?

My personal finding is there are only two really significant knobs you can turn to ease your CPU load: TLOD and Traffic.

It sounds like you have already tried turning down TLOD. As an experiment, turn traffic off and see what your frame rate does. This will likely be your best case fps ceiling.

Until a fully tuned and released DX12 is available, I don’t think we can do much else.

Many thanks :slight_smile: Yeah that’s what I have found too with settings.
I think my next step is to try to track down why I get some stutters with specific movements in VR, which is what made me check fps in the first place. That probably is a separate issue which if resolved will be all I need for a great experience. I do have many hours on my old setup in VR which were probably below 30fps but smooth which I was more than happy with haha.

Regarding DX12, do you think that will utilize all cores in the future or is it going to be limited to a certain number still?

Strictly my guess, but simulations tend to be very dependent on a main thread, so unless MSFS goes through a big architectural redesign, I think DX12 improvements will be underwhelming for most. Personally I just want an improvement to stutters and would be happy with no FPS improvements, but consistent frame times.

A guy can hope!

I found the culprit I think! Bijan seasons was completely tanking my fps. Sorry, bit stupid of me not to remove that in testing! Now monitor fps looks to be up by about 20. The Vive is up around the max 90fps and from brief test feels smooth.


also a note:

what we can see is, that at least MSFS use correct the P-Cores ( every second core in the first 16 ) , instead the E-Cores ( the last 24 ). We can also see that the Real-Cores prefered against Hyperthreading ( every second core in the first 16 ). Optimizations for DX12, which is still “Beta” :wink: , is ongoing process.