Top Gun Activity

I dont know whats going on here, I tried everything down to complete fresh install of MSFS2020 as if I reformated my PC and everytime I click on the Top Gun Activity it automatically goes back to the install of the TopGun Activity install. This is getting really frustrating can I please get some help on this matter, I even opened up a ticket with NO results? TIA!

Hey @RFG10228944. I moved your post here to the #self-service:miscellaneous category where issues with Marketplace downloads are discussed. I also added the top gun maverick tag to help with searchability. Good luck, my friend.

Crickets here!!!

All the crickets are chirping “I dunno, works for me.”

You have to install the Top Gun content from the marketplace.

I did. And once installed i click on the Activity and it goes back too Content Manager!

I too have issues with Top Gun wont fly challenges or training crashes to desktop. Someone listening out there??