Top gun = good (My experience)

So there have been a lot of negitive opinion on this free content update but I would like to say why I think it’s good for us all love or hate:

Personally I thought not for me but it’s free so I’ll look forward to checking the content I love to fly mainly low and slow join community events and see the world this is where the sim Excels. The update came and I had a blast anyways, after all this was free but I really enjoyed being silly in the new aircraft and the challenges.

This leads to my closing thoughts, over the last week I’ve been sent multiple links by many friends that know I’m a long time FS fan as they have seen media related to the content and no little or never played before and thought it might interest me. More so than the launch announcement!

What I find so positive about this is as Microsoft and Asobo have been clear all along is this is a long term project, this update was never to address underlying issues but imo if these kind of updates bring more users and revenue to the franchise it’s only going to help the community overall and well worth being buzzed by one more F18 to get that bug we all personally hate get the resources we want :slight_smile:

Please politely agree or disagree below of course


:raising_hand_man: ← Me, politely agreeing.

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I hope you are right. Maybe it’s a balancing act between satisfying the gamers and the simmers. If enough of either group becomes dissatisfied then the project might still come to an untimely end.

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