Top Mach Studios: Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor

Fingers crossed. I will 100% be buying the f-22 if it gets brought to Xbox!


Same here man… I can’t wait anymore…

Same, I can‘t wait.


I’m going to join in and say the same, can’t wait

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Just bought the Premium and it’s cockpit has pink panels just under the cockpit window all the way around.

What am I missing?

Sorry for your trouble. That sounds like an installation error, probably due to some issue with the justflight installer, that resulted in textures not installing correctly. Please open a ticket with them as we don’t manage the installer package from our end.

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Gutted that WASM won’t make it to the xbox in su10, was hoping that would lead to planes like this on the xbrick

My quick review… WOW!

So glad I “Pulled the Trigger” and bought this sexy Raptor!


Unfortunate that Xbox WASM got pushed out to SU11. Looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for this amazing product. :pensive:

Sometimes the Burner tails do not show up. All I see is an orange glow.

Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong?

Are you always in single player external camera or drone camera mode? Are you using a replay tool?

SP, Drone, Live, but had been using replay before.

Well, I restarted the Sim and all is well.

It may have been the replay tool broke it, thus requiring the restart.

Really liking this Bird!

Hope to see some audio updates/mod though as they seem a bit lacking. Would be nice to have some Echo19Audio style sounds for this lovely Raptor! :slight_smile:

The replay tool has some known problems for breaking effects on aircraft randomly. The same problem is present across all aircraft.

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It got pushed back to SU11? ■■■■, that’s disheartening. Bummer. Oh well. Hopefully it wont get pushed back any more than that.