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Nop. Once the plane is on DES and captures the green “yoyo” next to the altimeter it will follow all the crossing restrictions. The real bus will show you a magenta circle around the fix with the restriction on the ND, that means the restriction is going to be met, however orange circle around would indicate possible deviation from crossing altitude due to too seep of a path, in this case the pilot should intervene.
I wish i could snap a shot for you i just had this scenario on the flight yesterday.

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The reason for it is because the A320 in the sim is about 20% of the real one. The “Hockey stick” Is your TOD and it’s in most cases indicated only once. Once your plane on DES mode assuming all your altitudes are there you don’t need to touch nothing and it will comply.
REMEMBER ! Push the knob - Give it to the plane, Pull the know - Take it yourself.
The A320 implemented poorly in FS2020. From real A320 pilot it’s not even close to being complete. Don’t feel frustrated, it’s just how the default Bus works.

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thanks for the link…i used it…great tool

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The TOD hockey stick shows up once, but can be shown again by putting the FMGCs back into cruise phase. The easy way to do that is by inputting current altitude as a cruise altitude on the prog page.

Thank you for the explanation! I’VE SEEN THAT “hockey stick” on the flight plan line in the navigation display. I wondered what it was for, but never followed up on it. Now that I kwow what to look for, I’ll watch for it and be ready.

I knew there was something I was missing. What a load off my meager mind.

Thank you again.

Thank you for this tip as well! I will experiment with it as required.

Excellent insight!

Descent rate in managed mode always seems to be either excessive or under, or is it just me?

As a result, Ive been on lower altitude many many miles ahead of the target leading me to use the rule of 3, descending at 1800 fpm. This has been far smoother than the managed mode.

Yeah there is no functioning VNAV in the FBW. There is, however, working VNAV in v0.83 of the Working Title CJ4. Awesome airplane. Check it out :slight_smile:

Once you approach the TOD there should be a green dot just to the left of the altitude index. And this green dot is what guides the plane for “optimized” descent for your first crossing restriction. It seems that they didn’t implemented any vertical profile on the A320.

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