Toronto Elevation Bug

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Elevation anomaly, the Humber River is elevated, not the case IRL, please can someone check to confirm issue?

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Depart from CYYZ RW15R, after departure make a right hand turn and then track towards the river (Humber River), follow inland and you should see the elevation anomalies

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yeah, I’m familiar with the area IRL.

It sure don’t look like that🤣


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I know the area as well, and it certainly isnt like that irl.
Took a look in the sim and I have the same thing.

Uploading: 2022-02-11 14_36_41-Microsoft Flight Simulator -…

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It’s been like this since the sim released. There was a fix on .to a long time ago.Not sure if would still work. It was fixed after the terrain spike fiasco with a sim update, and then it came back after another one…

If you go onto, look for the Toronto area enhancement by Roman. There are three files. The Mississauga enhancement file adds photogrammetic buildings round Square One. While it does not fix elevation along the highway, it does fix the river.

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Indeed it has. And a lot of other areas also have these elevation fixes. They’ve been reported many times, but never fixed.

Highly recommend both Roman Designs’ free Toronto pack as well as his payware airports. They’re head and shoulders above anything else out there as far as I’m concerned.

This is the mod on that fixes the elevation glitches. It will fix all the errors in Toronto and the bunch of other worldwide elevation glitches that aren’t apparently deemed to be problematic enough for the dev team to fix in the last 16 months.

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Does Roman’s pack still work with 1.25.9? I loaded the Toronto scenery but it doesn’t seem to add any content anymore? Content Manager says they’re installed?

The Credit River (Mississauga, west of Toronto, Canada) elevation is still crazy.

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Unfortunately just checked with World Update Canada installed and this is still an issue

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I have this same elevation issue outside of Toronto.

It’s been a problem forever. I have use Roman’s Toronto but I’d rather use the new WU11 photogrammetry instead of Romans.

Can you guys please fix this? It’s so obvious and terrible looking. Thanks

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This Bug (like other Canada bugs) was logged but not fixed in the recent WU;

  • Why is this?
  • What is the point of users wasting their time reporting scenery bugs if they don’t get fixed during a WU?
  • Who is in charge of making sure these Bug Logged threads are acted upon?
  • When will these old bugs get recognition and actually get fixed?

This whole Bug Reporting forum may as well be closed if nothing happens when the opportunity to fix said issues arises, please get a grip on this situation.


Thank you so much for posting this issue, it certainly needs addressing.

there is also a problem with lighting at cyyz now
The lights are 20 feet above the ground on the rwy 24t

Credit River elevation issue still present even after WU Canada…I have reported it to Zendesk
Perhaps it may be fixed ?