Toronto + General Scenery Distorted


I have ryzen 3900x , rtx 3080 32GB ram and nvme drive and I have my setting on ultra but the trees, building textures are all low resolution, I have changed every setting but can’t seem to figure out what else to do to fix the texture and weird boxes that appear instead of trees and so on. Please your help is appreciated

I attached some pictures to show the issue

You’re not the only one, that is how NYC Manhattan looked prior to the Japan Update. Now the buildings look like generic not photo realistic anymore. I believe Asobo is working on this.

Thank you for the info, it was fine before the update too and suddenly like this I thought it was my internet but I have 1.5gbps so was wondering if other people are having issues too.

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There is an add-on for Toronto available from for free. it’s a photogrammetry upgrade. This is a really great add-on site if you have not visited before. Charles

That site is a mess and needs a lot of work and they need a better server connection… :wink:

Nice idea though…

I’ve tried 3 times to download the add-on and it aborts every time.

Is there anyplace elsewhere one can download the author’s add-on?

I downloaded the latest version and the scenery still ■■■■, the resolutions on the buildings is so bad, the trees are pyramid and just awful, can you guys try to spawn in CYTZ and check the scenery around the Toronto Area and show me some screenshots please.

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Wow, I thought this was just me with high specs, ultra settings and then… poor scenery! I’ve got almost an identical setup to you, so I’m glad it’s not just me.

looking bad on my side too.
I7-8700k, 1080Ti, nvme, FS version

Has anyone got a fix for this crappy textures? I updated latest version and still same issue

I flew a totally broken Grand Caravan to CYTZ tonight from Providence RI TF Green airport,
the whole sim after the patch tonight is destroyed, nothing works right, and the scenery
looks like 1993 now. And yes, the city and harbor scenery when I somehow managed to land the broken Caravan at CYTZ earlier, looked just like this, AWFUL! It’s a joke. It even looked like that from the first week 2020 was released. I’m about ready to give up on 2020 forever.

Hi did anyone get any update on this as it’s still bad:(

The trees just look like that in Photogrammetry. If you really dislike it, just turn it off.

I am not talking about the trees, i am talking about the textures on the building and buildings that look like pyramid. Can you fly in CYYZ and lte me know how it looks.

Here’s a method to solve it:
whilst flying, press esc to get to the menu page and then reselect photogrammetry(turn it off and then on again). Now, it should work perfectly.

I tried that but it is still looking awful :frowning:

oh sorry to hear that. Guess there is no solid method. It is kind of an outdated method now anyway as I am now seeing distorted scenery once again. Guess there is no fix right now.